Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Picture Day!!

Call Waiting...Bahamas Style
Strong winds but clear skies...yay!!

Sunset 1/21/2017  Old Bahama Bay

As promised, this post will be picture heavy!  It seems the worst of the storms have passed & the winds have calmed a little.  The sea is still somewhat nasty but predicted to calm overnight.  If the forecast is true then we will depart tomorrow (Wednesday 1/25) for our northern tour of Grand Bahama Island.  Pull out your maps (or google it) because for the next couple weeks we will be on the move for a few miles each day – stopping to snorkel, explore by dinghy or hop on land for a day!!

Hoping to see LOTS more of this...
A general idea of our schedule:  West End to Mangrove Cay (pronounced “key”); Mangrove Cay to Great Sale Cay; Great Sale Cay to Crab Cay; Crab Cay to Powell Cay; Powell Cay to Green Turtle Cay; Green Turtle Cay to Baker’s Bay; Baker’s Bay to Fisher’s Bay; Fisher’s Bay to Man-O-War Marina (Marsh Harbour); Marsh Harbour to Hope Town; Hope Town to Tilloo Cay (via Boot Harbour); Tilloo Cay to Lynyard Cay; Lynyard Cay to Little Harbour.  Whew!!  We have been doing our homework & consulting with three other boats…we are all headed on the same route!!

...and this!!
 Of course, we will then turn around and come back (unless we buy a house along the way).  We may skip every other stop outbound so we have something new to explore on the return route.  There will be marina stops along the way but for the majority of this excursion we will be on the hook (anchored) in well protected areas.  Of course, we are weather wise & will seek shelter if necessary.

Double click on the picture below for a general idea of our route – not all stops listed are shown on the map.  It also shows West Palm Beach FL – our departure point from the USA.
General overview of our route

Ok on to the FUN STUFF…Pictures!!

Dock side delivery of Conch Salad

DELICIOUS!! Garnished with Fresh pineapple, grapefruit & apple!

Angry Atlantic on Monday 1/23/17!! 10'-12' seas...no thank you!

Tied to the dock w/fenders ready- safe & sound on Sunday 1/22/17

Inspecting the Bow Thruster on Rascal's Retreat prior to storms

We (I) will try to update along the way – internet signal will determine.

Enjoy your afternoon/evening & thank God for the blessings in everything!!

"Warner Brothers" - some things are lost in translation...LOL!!

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