Friday, January 27, 2017

Thursday 1/26/2017

Underway with a little wind...on Thursday!

Weather conditions: Air temp 70’s – 80’s; winds 15-20mph from the south, south-west;  seas 1-2’ swells; water temp 71.4 (snorkel worthy); 47 miles traveled in 6 ½ hours-thanks to the wind!

My favorite fisherman - trolling underway (we ate ham for dinner)
Great Sale Cay to Crab Cay…a little more rock ‘n roll on the Bahama Bank today but we are at the mouth of the Sea of Abacos!! The wind kept our attention but it also pushed us in the right direction.  Once anchored, we dropped the dinghy (sound familiar?) and headed to shore for shell hunting, snorkeling and exploring!

Center of the World - this rock mass is a waypoint in navigation, what's the story??
Today we were only joined with Rascal’s Retreat & Moni Jean.  The other boats in our flotilla motored or sailed further east for various reasons.  The winds were still blowing when we got back to the boat from our island exploration but we anticipate a decreased breeze by sundown.

What the...SHELLS!!
Not a lot to report on this salt water travel day but a lot of pictures!!  ENJOY!!

My personal Aquaman! Who knew he would LOVE snorkeling!

The recent storms created a cloudy undersea!

Sponges EVERYWHERE! We only harvested one - they're huge!

When you're dressed for snorkeling and find yourself in the jungle

Luckily a well-marked path...

Ric (Rascal's Retreat) & Charlie find coconuts...YUM!! We won't starve...

Friday will bring a short travel day so maybe we can sleep in at least until 8:00!!  Our destination is up for debate since we are monitoring yet another “wind issue” with the weather.  It’s possible we will snag a mooring ball in the Sea of Abacos around Green Turtle Cay.  Stay tuned…

Sunset 1/26/2017 at Crab Key, Bahamas
Keep smiling and hug the person to your right!!

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