Thursday, January 19, 2017

We arrived safe & sound!

Calm seas & smooth cruising

 We are officially in the Bahamas!  What a spectacular day on the water…smooth seas, mostly clear skies and WOW was it HOT!!  We were told to prepare for a jump in temperature while crossing the Gulf Stream…words of wisdom!  It was an uneventful crossing (we like that!) however I was a bit surprised that we didn’t see any marine life; whales, sharks, dolphins, monsters, etc.  But…when you’re cruising in 2,000+ feet of water maybe you really don’t want to know what’s below the surface! Just sayin’

Chart plotter - depth is noted in lower left corner
 The depth finder maxed out at 1488 feet – a strange cap on the scale but we felt sure everyone was in good water.  We had 5 other boats in our group today along with several cargo and cruise ships sharing the good day.  It was an early day – departing Lakeworth at 5:00AM…yes, pre-dawn hours felt a little intimidating on the open sea but W O W what a blessing to look up & see the half moon and millions of stars!!!  I was overcome with emotion just thinking about what an incredible creation we are part of!!  And just as I as pulling myself together & wrapping up my dialogue with God…He smacks this gorgeous sunrise right in our faces!  A double blessing to be cruising EAST!!  I do not have words to express the emotion…it’s a God-thing! ‘nuf said!
Good Morning World!

Quarantine Flag-required for in-processing
We pulled into the Old Bahama Bay Marina at 2:00 sharp! The hospitality & dialogue could not have been better!  Two gentlemen met us at the slip & secured the boat. Charlie gathered our documentation & headed off to the customs office. I was quarantined on the boat until we were cleared.  By 2:45 we were cleared & I swapped the quarantine flag for the Bahamas courtesy flag and a Coca-Cola!!
The Bahamas with a side of pure USA!!

Bahamas courtesy flag-it's just common courtesy...
It wasn’t long and I was on the ground touring the island!! This area was slammed by Hurricane Matthew and they are slowly recovering.  The resort is open and all the amenities are in place…except for electricity on the docks.  We knew this prior to making a reservation but still wanted to see the area.  We have a generator and once the sun drops so does the temp!

Could be why recovery is slow...?

Big ole tree!! Survived Matthew!

I was STUNNED to have wifi so I won’t take advantage of their band width.  I will have more to report tomorrow…pending a strong signal.  On the agenda…paddle boarding, snorkeling, swimming…in the Atlantic Ocean!!  This water is either crystal blue or emerald green – depending on the sunlight! AMAZING!

We are weather-wise & going to pack in as much fun as possible before the late Sunday storms.  This place survived Matthew…what’s a 24 hour storm cycle??

Drink in the natural beauty around you and thank the ONE who created it!!  God is good…all the time!

The looper lifestyle is exhausting - sometimes a girl needs

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