Monday, January 9, 2017

Weather 'bout you?

Flag on stern Sunday afternoon...WINDY!

It’s been several days since my last post but rest assured we are safe and sound!  Cloudy, super windy, a little rain but safely tied to the dock at the St. Lucie lock on theOkeechobee Waterway.  I’m sure the majority of readers have far more critical weather stories than we do so I won’t elaborate.  Just know you’re in my prayers!

We are so blessed to have a slip at the Corp of EngineersPark and Marina at the St. Lucie lock.  It is a little remote but offers tremendous walking/running opportunities on a paved (sidewalk) road OR nature trails…the best of both worlds!!  An interactive Visitor’s Center, too!

Our view of the lock & dam from the aft deck
 We are tucked with our travelling partner/boat Rascal’s Retreat – yes, it is TIGHT!!  Kissing cousins kinda tight!!  Once a couple sailboats depart, Rascal’s Retreat will be allowed to move to another slip – until then, the park ranger thinks two boats with +14’ beams can “fit” into a double slip of 28’.  Must be government math…

Rascal's Retreat (left) & The Lower Place (right) squeezed in!!

Sunday found us at Tropical Farms Baptist Church…discovered on an “off site” jog about 1.25 miles from the boat.  Great sermon, friendly congregation, inspiring music…definitely a perfect way to start the week!  And not surprising, I met the preacher on one of my morning discovery jogs…he pointed me in the direction of the hiking trails…”take the yellow trail, you will love it-but take your time”.  Thanks Pastor Bill, you were right!!

Today, we ventured to West Palm Beach to the Border Patrol Office to make sure we are in good order for our Bahamas trip.  Apparently, the more we do on the departing side of the trip, the easier our return will/should/could be…”You’re all set, all you need to do is call the 800 number”.  I’ll keep you posted…but we are hopeful our efforts now will also allow our Canada travels to be without hiccup.

Our challenge now is…weather!!  Due to the time of year and crossing the Gulf Stream we will be selective of our weather.  Today’s forecast called for 5-7’ seas…ummm, no thank you.  We have talked with several other loopers already on the east coast waiting for weather as well.  It looks like we will have plenty of company for the 60 mile crossing and every crew member has a different tolerance…but I don’t want to become a modern day Gilligan!!

Since we are about 10 miles from the east coast, we will continue to dock at the St. Lucie Lock.  When it looks like we will have a good daylight crossing opportunity we can head further east without delay.  Tomorrow we (I) will get the laundry done, Wednesday will be grocery day, we will have the rental car until Saturday for any last minute needs.  Sunday we can walk to church and hopefully a weather window will be on the horizon!!  Stay tuned…

I try to keep this blog about our adventures, blocking out the negative of this cruel world, but please know that we see the news, weather and speak with family and friends.  Our hearts are heavy and broken with the latest outbreak of incidents and life-changing tragedy…we are praying for understanding.

God bless & hug someone today when they least expect it!

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