Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sunday 2/5/2017

It’s been a few days since I last posted but rest assured we have been very busy on our fun-filled-fact-finding mission in Hope Town!

The history, culture and hospitality has been overwhelming and really feels like “home”!  The welcome sign upon our entrance to the Hope Town Harbour was amusing!!!  Even in the Bahamas…
C'mon Hope Town - I know YOU'RE better than that...
If you don’t “get” my response to the welcome sign…ask an elementary school teacher…

We grabbed a mooring ball only to discover it was “reserved” – noted by the gallon milk jug attached to the line that read “Reserved”.  So I dropped that spot & we motored to another.  Once secured, we grabbed a bite of lunch remaining on the boat. We were told & read in our guide books that the locals will come by your boat to collect the mooring fee – if the name of the owner isn’t written on the float.  No one showed after 1 ½ hours so we dinghyed to shore with Rick & Monica.
(ed note: we stayed on the mooring ball 2 days & searched extensively for the owner. Everyone seemed to know Jimmy Russell but no one knew where he was...)

The iconic Elbow ReefLighthouse!!!  Oh my goodness!!! It is still in use as it was originally built so long ago!  Absolutely a walk/climb through history!! Click on the link to learn more...a MUST SEE and "see from" - fabulous views!
The Lower Place as seen from the top of the Lighthouse
Before dark we ventured to the other side of the island by foot & had a peek of the Atlantic Ocean!  Along the way we passed home after home after home…some managed by vacation rental companies and others occupied as full time residence.  Again, friendly, friendly, friendly…and accents from all over the world – British, of course, American (northern, southern, west coast, northeast), Scottish, broken English from everywhere!!  It was actually a surprise to hear someone say “I’m from here”. LOL!

It's a tough life...this spot is calling your name
Saturday was a true exploration day! We rented a golf cart & covered many miles (about 10) of paved & unpaved roads…all from the LEFT SIDE!!

If you ever get lost, just look for the handmade street signs!  Hilarialous!

Recognize any place?
Speaking of friendly…we were trolling through the mooring field – still looking for the owner of the mooring ball.  We heard “Are y’all from Mississippi?”  There in his run about boat was Ben Puckett – from Pass Christian & Jackson MS!!  Now a full time resident of Hope Town and apparently “Uncle Ben” to the locals! He was full of local knowledge, kindness and southern hospitality and of course, he & Charlie knew a lot of the same people!  Yep…small world!

We hope you have a marvelous Sunday and take the opportunity to thank The One who provides our every need.  We see God’s handiwork every day, sunrise, sunset, wind, sea, waves…you name it.  We are all so very blessed!!
Yep - we're still together on and off the boat!!
God’s speed!

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