Saturday, February 25, 2017

Ten Months 'til Christmas!

Prudi on the bow of Rascal's Retreat - looking for the USA!  Me too girl!

We have recovered from the Bahamas Crossing and departed North Palm Beach Marina on Friday (2/24/17) morning headed north to Fort Pierce!  It felt sooooo good to be on the ICW again…the homes, boats, landscape – all of it felt so familiar!  No wide open seas with the wind pushing waves over the bow or any other unique forms of excitement we’ve experienced underway!

The boat is named “Bull Pen” – I wonder if a professional baseball player camps out here during spring training??

The Waterway Café looks like a great stop for lunch…but it was 9:00 AM when we passed by.

If I were a little girl...I'd be talking to Santa about this!! WOW!
We dropped the hook at an anchorage near Fort Pierce City Marina around mid afternoon.  And then the aft head (master bathroom toilet) wouldn’t stop running…yes, it’s a glamorous life.  After 2 hours of working in and around the starboard engine – because that’s where the plumbing system is – we were done!!  And soaking wet from the sauna (heat from the engines) but what a great pore cleansing treatment!
Fort Pierce Marina is also where Bob & Helen – Gold Loopers we first met in Florence AL – are docked on their boat Allez! 

So Saturday morning we dropped the dinghy and headed to the marina.  Super great surprise to learn of the Fort Pierce Farmer’s Market right at the marina!!  Fresh tomatoes, baby red potatoes, string beans, sweet peppers and cheddar bread…YUM!  Grocery shopping done for the week…$25!!

Then we took a foot tour of Ft. Pierce downtown – what a lovely town. Again, no camera – it’s kind of a dinghy rule…if the commute is a mile or longer we don’t take electronics or cameras.

We have company in the "back yard" today but they have to be home by dark!
Sunday we will continue to Vero Beach (15 miles) to visit with a friend and spend a little time there.  The weather report seems to be favorable for inter coastal travel so we are making the most of our “idle time”.   I am so ready to find a church service to attend…it’s more difficult than I expected.

We hope you have had a marvelous weekend and taken the opportunity to rest and relax.

God Bless!

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