Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thursday at Treasure Cay

Weather, weather, weather is our decision maker…so we are staying at Treasure Cay Marina one more night.  And I’m completely happy with that idea!!  We are experiencing record high temps, high humidity, high winds and morning fog…all that makes for high seas and unpredictable thunderstorms (key word in all weather sources is “high”).  Not to mention the full moon – it all works together.  We are safely docked with several other boats waiting out the weather & giving the seas time to calm.  We are in no hurry and a schedule is not part of the plan.

We are in a "well-protected" area

We used today to wash/wax the boat exterior (Charlie) and drag two weeks’ worth of dirty clothes to the Laundromat (Robin) – it’s amazing how it piles up! Ha ha!  The chores were completed in a few hours so I took the opportunity to spend some solo time on Coca Beach & tour the neighborhood around the resort.
The easy life of trawler living-haul the laundry in a wagon!
Solitude on a beach is great therapy

So is this the "Sandman" I heard about as a child?

If you’re going to be locked into a weather delay…might as well be in the Bahamas! 

But we are also aware of the many, many other weather events going on around the country.  We pray everyone is safe and uses common sense in all your on-road activities.

God Bless!!

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