Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday 2/8/17 part 2

Read the previous post first for details....then get ready for my favorite Cay so far...Click the link to learn more.  It's worth a return trip in my opinion - we only spent 1 night!!  Man O'War Cay
This sign was outside the Sail Shop - yes, it was "The Place"

I asked for directions: "At the top of the hill, turn right onto Queen's Highway."

We did - See below for Queen's Highway.

Golf Cart friendly is a nice way of cars allowed! ha ha!

And by all means - obey the speed limit!!

Youth League baseball field - my view from the 1st base line

Monica, Rick & Charlie - the visitor's side & overlooking the Atlantic
Sunset from the mooring ball 2/7/17 at Man O'War Cay
So maybe these pictures didn't make a lot of sense to you but I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into our journey.  With the limited internet connectivity and even less speed, I tried to hit the highlights but honestly...every minute is a highlight!!

We are experiencing unseasonably high temps right now and there is a full moon so I think we will grill out this evening with Rick & Moni (Moni Jean) and ENJOY the air conditioning,dehumidified living quarters and stateroom and being tied to a dock.  Conflicting weather forecasts pushed us to a marina...but I'm not complaining!! Fresh towels, clean sheets and WiFi...I'm a high maintenance kind of girl!!  And so very blessed...
God Bless!

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