Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday 2/8/2017

OK Folks!!  Today REALLY is Wednesday the 8th and I am actually posting from a marina!  We were last connected to shore power on January 30th so my ability to update our travels was extremely limited and the internet connectivity was non-existent.  Some of you saw Charlie's facebook blips and we appreciate your comments and likes!!

To update...Hope Town will be the farthest east we will travel on the loop.  We ventured south to Little Harbour, Abacos and that was our "turn around point".  We are currently in Treasure Cay at an actual marina - we stopped here on our south bound route but just grabbed a mooring ball for the night.  We plan to be here until Friday morning then proceed north (weather permitting).

It is likely we will start looking for a weather window to cross back to the USA late next week but with so much more to see and the ever-changing wind/tide patterns we have no set schedule.  Just know we are alive and well...and I am happy for an internet connection!!

I will let the pictures tell the story of the past few days - it's been FUN!!!
Little Harbour Cay - Pete's Gallery- the true definition of pioneer spirit, determination and the success that follows!! I wish there was a dedicated link to the Gallery...I should have bought the book...

Our approach to Little Harbour Cay
Some folks would post "No Trespassing"
Remember the movie? Yep, it's them!!!
Are you tired of blue skies, clear water & sandy beaches yet?
Next post...Man O'War Cay...

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