Monday, February 20, 2017

Wind, clouds, fun and when will we see the USA again???

(ed. note: In true public wifi fashion...I am unable to upload pictures at this time. Sorry...)
As you know by now…the weather dictates our travel plans.  We have ventured from Bluff House Marina to our original port of entry Old BahamaBay.  We arrived on Saturday around lunchtime with quite a battle the last 2-3 miles (winds picked up & we encountered 4-6’ swells) but arrived safely…thank you Jesus!!
Saturday afternoon we met boat after boat after boat docking after crossing the Atlantic from FL.  EVERYONE had the same story…what a ride!!  It’s a typical winter weather pattern and patience is the key ingredient (I didn’t see any patience for sale at the store).  We all (Rascal’s Retreat, Moni Jean & The Lower Place) felt confident we made the right decision to stay docked until a realistic forecast is available.  The marina was so full of boats (B I G boats) on Saturday night due to the high winds and seas, ironically these same boats blocked the wind (breeze) to our boat!!  We were melting!!  There is no power on the docks yet (Hurricane Matthew) but we didn’t want to use the generator because of the close proximity of other boats and our exhaust.  Very little sleep…but we survived! 

Based on the extended weather outlook we decided to rent a van on Sunday.  A trip to the grocery store was not essential but if we are going to be weathered-in for a 7-10 day period we needed a few things (bread, eggs, milk).  And a diversion from weather watching was a nice change…driving on the left side of the road – in the wind & rain – was quite the diversion!!  We made it & enjoyed a nice home cooked meal on the boat for dinner!

Monday…a new day with a new weather report!  The winds were calm, sun shining, humidity way down!!  Mid morning (about 9:00) I noticed several boats slipping off their lines and heading out.  Charlie & his band of merry friends started talking to other boaters, sailors, fishermen…you know, “those in the know”.  It seems there was an update to the weather (imagine that)!

Meanwhile back on the boat…I managed to tear my left contact in half while it was in my eye!!  Try as I might, I could not find the second half but I could feel it!  UGH!! Past experience told me that it would not “work itself out” so I headed to the registration office for local knowledge.  Again the hospitality of the Bahamians exceeded my expectations.  Two phone calls later I had an eye appointment for 11:30!

I was looking for Charlie on the dock to let him know the details & he was looking for me to suggest we leave for the crossing…hmmm….medical attention trumps 65 miles in open water with unpredictable seas.

Island Optical was top notch!!  In no time the contact was flushed out without incident!! The dr. recommended artificial tears w/o the contacts and rewetting drops w/contacts TWICE as often due to the salt content in the air.  $65 later we were on our way to the drug store…unbelievable!  Another very positive experience…thank you Jesus!!

It’s a calm and beautiful day so who knows what tomorrow may bring.  I predict we will try to cross back to the USA (Lakeworth FL) if the current weather holds true…but it’s weather…stay tuned!!  All prayers appreciated!!

God Bless & yes, we are READY to see the red, white & blue shores!!!

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