Monday, March 27, 2017

Docked in the boondocks of Jacksonville

The Lower Place docked for Monday night

As much fun as St. Augustine was – we threw off the lines Monday morning (8:30) and headed north toward Jacksonville.  While we have no particular schedule, it was nice to see the flat lands/Delta of Florida AND have the opportunity to tie to a FREE city dock in the middle of marsh land (we are in 11’ of water at low tide) aka Jacksonville.

Lion's Gate Bridge - antennas down - we had about 18' to spare
 Along the way we passed under several bridges – some with only inches to spare – and enjoyed the usual sights of monster homes and boat docks.  Since we had very few “No Wake” zones and the wind and current were helping us along, the 35 mile day was over by 1:30!!  We have several other boats docked with us – familiar friends we met along the way.
...and you have to be on the look out for kayaks...

The current was so strong under this bridge - it pushed us from 7.2mph to 12.3mph! Luckily not sideways!

Perfect location - in a bend of the Atlantic ICW
Charlie & I ventured out for a walk (stroll) around the area and well…there’s not much here!  A public boat ramp & separate canoe/kayak/paddle board ramp, clean restrooms (I checked), playground and the Jacksonville Sailfish Tournament headquarters building.  Across the dead end road is an RV Park surrounded by No Trespassing signs – interesting marketing/business building concept.  Beyond that is highway, highway, highway (4-6 lanes) so we have limited land exploration opportunity and NO available transportation to find civilization.  Good thing things we are well provisioned and self sufficient!!

The neighborhood for the evening
We will use this afternoon and perhaps Tuesday to review charts and distances regarding the St. John’s River.  According to other boaters, the St. John’s River side trip is well worth the few days it will take – strangely it runs back to (almost) Melbourne.  We will do the homework to make an informed decision.

Now, if you’ll excuse me – I need to reapply sunscreen – it’s hot & sunny out here!
Today's office view

Be blessed!

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