Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Industrial Tuesday in Jacksonville

Napoleon Bonapart Broward Bridge aka Dames Point Bridge - Impressive!!

It was a short travel day on Tuesday…25ish miles.  We had a very unique sightseeing journey…mostly industrial and very interesting!

Our first encounter with the US Customs & Border Patrol – I invited them on board but they just wanted to chat.  Super friendly and the young man on the bow was very kind and respectful.  I think they saw our hailing port from MS and just wanted to hear our accent! LOL!!

I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Ever wonder how the "Made in..." products get here??

Now THAT'S a delivery!!
And if you're ever on the St. John's River and the Jacksonville Jaguars are playing...just pull up to the sea wall and walk to Ever Bank Field!  I shot these pics from the TOP of the boat (like above the fly bridge)...there were so many cranes & freighters, it was hard to get the right angle.
Ever Bank Field from the water

The Jacksonville Landing in the shadows of B I G buildings

We are docked at Ortega River Marina for a couple days…looking forward to visiting with a couple friends from days gone by.  We have already walked the area – Panera Bread for lunch, Publix, Lens Crafters (me), Rack Room Shoes (Charlie), West Marine – you know, the usual route.

For us, the Ortega River Marina is a gated community - the bridge had to open - we were too tall
We hope you have a blessed Tuesday & look forward to a Wonderful Wednesday!

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