Friday, March 24, 2017

Moving on the water!!

This morning was decision time…leave the anchorage with windy, rocky conditions or stay put and see what the day brings?  We opted to believe the local weather (winds decreasing by noon) and pulled up anchor – a LOT of anchor!!  While we were only anchored in 7’ of water, the 200’ of rode (line & chain) was necessary given the wave/wind conditions – yes, boys and girls, traditional math is essential to boating!

We were underway by 8:01AM and traveled 70 miles in 9 hours…wind, current & rain was also paired with a little sunshine.  Tonight we are anchored in a canal off the Atlantic ICW on the fringe of Flagler Beach in calm, flat water.  Tomorrow we will head to St. Augustine for the weekend!!  We are looking forward to getting off the boat, washing the salt spray away and most of all…meeting some friends from our old neighborhood (who now live in Valdosta GA) for dinner!!  How exciting!!

We did have several photo ops along the way…Have a blessed weekend!!

Daytona Beach Skyline

Artwork on The Daytona Beach Bridge pylons

A "Fixer Upper" along the way

Campgrounds EVERYWHERE...
...and fishing across the channel!!

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