Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

The sound of Spring Break Eve!  And…our road trip home for a week!!  That’s right, we are heading home via car to share a week with the kids, grands, parents, church family and friends…and a couple doctors (check up) and CPA (tax deadline approaching).  Real life will be an adjustment from water/boat life but we are ready for a visit!

Today we are waiting for a local mechanic to visit and complete a little preventive maintenance so I’m using my time wisely to get a “few” things together.  In the past 5 months we have discovered just how much we over-packed!  Clothes, blankets, towels…I’ve pared it waaay down!  The reality is…we will be in “summer” for the duration of our journey…WHY do I have 5 sweatshirts, etc.??

I’m also cooking the remaining food in the freezer (not much) as the fridge will be turned off during our absence. Let’s face it – it’s easier to transport cooked food and the bonus is when we get home (to a place with NO food) dinner is served!!  And we will have something to snack on during the 680+ mile road trip.

I don’t know when we will leave Friday – I have reserved the car for 11:00 AM (again, trying to accommodate the mystery mechanic).  And looking at the weather…we may have a few delays and possibly stop somewhere for the night—a fluid schedule works on land too!  We will be in touch with family (Life 360) throughout the trip.

So this may be my final blog post before we leave but rest assured – upon our return, we will throw off the line and head north!!  Our course is already charted for Titusville, St. Augustine, Jacksonville and a side trip down the St. John’s River!  The fun never ends!!!

Be blessed!

This Princess is the tip of the hug-fest we will have during our visit!!

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