Thursday, March 23, 2017

Titusville FL part 2

Almost Sunset Wednesday 3/22/17 Titusville FL

What a difference a day makes…and we are still in Titusville. Our day started before dawn with thunder, lightning and lots of wind!  While Charlie thought the situation called for a pot of coffee, I opted for a quick trip to the aft deck to confirm we were secure (we were) and then crawled back into the bed until some sort of daylight appeared!

The rains continued throughout the morning – there were wind advisories, boat advisories, storm advisories – and we were snug as a bug in a boat securely anchored in the harbor.  The rain stopped around noon, the sun peeked through and the wind continued…I napped and read and napped a little more!  Charlie stayed on the aft deck and fly bridge – it was too windy to venture out on the bow.

At anchor in Titusville FL
This is a picture of the anchor pulpit. What you can’t see - the line (aka rope) is extended 200’ and attached to the line is 50’ of 3/8” chain –  smartly fastened to a 66# anchor!  I don’t think we are going anywhere & if we should have a “drag” issue, we are 1 of 4 boats in this great big harbor – we will have ample time to correct the issue.

Due to the strong winds (20-25mph) we have been on board all day since it was too dangerous to use the dinghy.  Charlie called the local marina in Titusville to check on availability and there is room but we decided to stay put today.  According to the local weather reports, the rain is gone but the winds will continue until Saturday.  Friday we will re-assess our location and probably head to the marina (to get off the boat) or cruise to New Smyrna (that will be a long day). 

Moderate chop in the anchorage (2-3')
The rocking and rolling of the boat hasn’t been terrible…except when I tried to make dinner!  The down galley kitchen almost caused “unfortunate ingredients” from me so Charlie took over…whew!!  I headed to the aft deck for fresh air and a view of the horizon…ugh!  One hour and 12 ounces of Gatorade later I felt human again…Thank you Jesus!!

We hope you have a super happy Friday Eve and I will be in touch tomorrow for a location update!  As I finish this post, I notice the winds have slowed & waves have lost their white caps...good new for a restful night!

God Bless!

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