Sunday, April 23, 2017

6 months and counting...

Our cast off selfie...taken 10/23/2016
Today is day 182 or 6 months however you want to look at it.  And today is also the FIRST day we’ve traveled in the rain!  Yes, we’ve had rainy days and nights but we’ve been anchored or docked during the precipitation.  But today…  We woke to a slow steady rain, pulled up anchor by 8:15 and 6 ½ hours later we docked in at Homer Smith’s Marina, Beaufort NC under a light mist and strong wind conditions.

Once we got settled and headed to the office to register, a local shrimper spoke with us about the weather. Yes, a low front is coming and he talked about wind direction from this way then that way AND the 8” of expected rainfall over the next couple days.  So we are docked until at least Wednesday with the option to stay longer if necessary. 

We took advantage of a short weather window and walked around town – so far, I’m impressed!  The comparison of the 2 Beauforts ( SC & NC) isn’t fair…totally different vibe!  Not good vs bad just different.  Hopefully I can find a good weather period for a much needed walk/run over the next couple days and maybe snap a few pictures!

On that note:  I tried to get a few pictures today but with the wind and rain NOTHING focused!  So in the interest of safe boating, I put the camera away and focused on the channel markers, raging current, other boats and low bridges!

Who knows what adventures the next 6 months will bring…stay tuned!

God Bless!

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