Monday, April 17, 2017

Bye, Bye Charleston

View from the office

We threw off the lines this morning before 7:30 and yes, that was before “coffee:30” for me – but I persevered!  We enjoyed Charleston and it was made even better because we shared it with friends!
Our goal for the day was an anchorage south of Georgetown but the weather and current was moving us right along at 9.0mph so we opted to drop the hook in Georgetown SC.  We were told that Georgetown was a great stop – full of history and super nice folks!!

What a beautiful home & location
Apparently, many other people were told the same thing!  The anchorage was VERY crowded but we dropped the anchor in 2 different places.  The anchor held the first time BUT we were so close to several sailboats AND the wind picked up!  So we pulled up the claw (anchor) and motored to a different spot.  The river bottom must have been Teflon coated because we couldn’t get the anchor to hold (no matter how loudly I sang “the anchor holds”!).  We took the hint so 1 hour after we departed the ICW – we returned.

The town looked so inviting & I’m sorry I didn’t snap some pictures from the bow of the boat.  I was very busy washing off the chain, anchor and deck – yuck!
I did get a shot of this shrimp boat!
Trivia stop!!
What is the oldest city in the USA?  St. Augustine, FL  BEEN THERE!!
What is the second oldest city in the USA?  Darien, GA  BEEN THERE, TOO!!
What is the third oldest city in the USA?  Georgetown SC sadly, too crowded – couldn’t stay!!

So tonight after 75.2 miles, we are safely anchored at Butler Island – with 4 other boats!  It’s a nice location but going ashore is discouraged due to the alligator population.  Duly noted!
Tomorrow we will motor on to Bucksport Plantation. We planned to spend the night there but since we are now only 20 miles away we will probably just stop for fuel, pump out and a brief visit.  Stay tuned!

May your week be filled with happiness and kindness
God Bless!!

Heading due North (upper rt corner)

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