Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Final day in Beaufort SC

Sunset from the mooring field 4/10/17

Our final full day in Beaufort was a packed full with walking, walking & walking for me.  There was so much to see (I did earlier) but failed to photograph (I did today).  Beaufort is not only full of American history it is also the backdrop for many motion pictures.  The Big Chill (1983), The Prince of Tides (1991), Forrest Gump (1994), Rules of Engagement (2002),  Something to Talk About (1995) and many many others - this place is R I C H with all kinds of Americana!

Swings all along the Beaufort River-it's just calling your name!!

Read this and...

here's the house!

If this looks familiar think "Forrest Gump"
The Dr. Joseph Johnson House - hey, I know him!

Historic churches popped up on a number of streets
This tree!! The branches were confusing!
Once I returned to the marina I called Charlie – he stayed on the boat in the mooring field AND had the dinghy – for a ride.  But instead of heading back to the boat we opted for a quiet walk along the river and bumped into Jeff & Brenda from Santori!!  We met them briefly in St. Augustine, shared lunch and they left the next day.  We lost touch and then today BAM!!  Here we were together again…sharing dinner at QBay!!  It was so nice to catch up and it looks like we will be traveling in the same direction for a couple days…YAY!!!!

The full moon of Monday 4/10/17…a fabulous view from the mooring field.

God Bless!!

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