Thursday, April 20, 2017

How do I say "Thank you"?

Sunset at Cape Fear Marina-yep, we're docked under a bridge!

We woke to dense fog on Thursday (4/20/17) and thankful we were staying tied to the dock.  Our friends on Tranquillity III did push off later than scheduled but they had a 70 mile day planned.  Brenda from Satori & I got busy with laundry, cleaning & trying to plan an afternoon – I know, it’s a charmed life!

Together (the 4 of us) decided to tour the Battleship NORTHCAROLINA. We passed it on the way to the marina, I had no idea “this” is where it was!  PLEASE click on the links - there's so much information!!  So after lunch on the boat, we Uber’d across the channel. 

Interesting note: the “ship grounds” would not allow us to dock our dinghy at their dock…but for $8/person we could ride the ferry. Ummm., no thanks – for a $6 Uber ride all 4 of us made it safely.

I don't have a camera to capture the entire ship - AMAZING!
For the small fee of $14/person we spent the entire afternoon touring the battleship.  We all had a full spectrum of emotions…gratitude, humility, pride, sorrow and the oft-spoken “we have no idea what these men endured”.  Seeing the pictures of some of the sailors – who looked like VERY young men – I wondered if the modern day young men would ever have that work ethic, courage or patriotism. 

The men of World War II certainly set the highest benchmark of courage and honor.  It has been said that they were the “greatest generation.”  We have seen efforts to bring our military back to those standards with new innovations and tactics. 

That's not a road - it's the bow of the ship!
Thank you to the families of these great warriors and to those who continue the fight for our freedom.  Whatever good I’ve done in my life pales in comparison to the sacrifices made by others giving me the freedom to live in this great country.

God Bless the USA!
Hmm...we have this rule on our boat too!

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