Sunday, April 9, 2017

Palm Sunday in Beaufort SC

Sunday (4/9/17) was a beautiful day…the weather was picture perfect and the morning service at The Baptist Church of Beaufort was very moving and spirit filled.

The church bus didn't run in our neighborhood
Since we are on a mooring ball we rode the dinghy to the dock then walked down Charles Street for the 11:00 service.  A little unconventional commute but a “new normal” in our lives!  The Baptist Church of Beaufort is very rich in history, architecture and love.  As a visitor, I didn’t feel it was appropriate to take pictures inside the building (although many others did) but hopefully you can glean a better understanding by reading here.(left side of the page is the history)

After church we walked toward the marina, stopped at Panini’sfor lunch, visited with Aurora B (loopers we met on Sister’s Creek outside Jacksonville) on the dock then headed back to the boat.  We had an afternoon of paperwork/spreadsheet updates, navigation planning and a visit from Eric (the search & rescue diver we met on Sat).

Charlie needed a break & decided to try out his chair…yes, it was high enough above the water to avoid being mistaken as ‘gator bait!

My view from the aft deck...

...and from the dinghy deck-note the current (waves)
The day slipped away so tomorrow we will go back to land and hit a few more historic sites…this town is FULL of history – it would take weeks to cover it all.

We plan (right now) to leave Beaufort on Wednesday morning heading toward Charleston.  We will anchor along the way to position our arrival for Friday mid/late morning.  We are looking forward to seeing a couple friends from home and spend the Easter weekend together!

This evening's view from the bow of The Lower Place and the reason we like mooring balls & anchoring!
As the sun sets in the west...

...the moon rises in the east.

God Bless!!

The Lower Place secured to the mooring ball

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