Sunday, April 16, 2017

Weekend in Charleston...

Our neighbor in Charleston - on the Mega dock

What a FANTASTIC weekend in Charleston…the weather (perfect), food (delicious) and most importantly FRIENDS!  The Charleston City Marina is HUGE!  We were assigned a slip on the “mega dock”. For perspective, the distance from our boat to the parking lot was .75 miles – not kidding! But that was fine – we were planning on a walking weekend, right?

Andrew & Liz at Boone Plantation
Andrew and Elizabeth arrived shortly after we docked and the fun gun was fired!  We walked, talked, took a carriage ride through “zone 4”, ate, walked, ate ice cream, walked, talked…then it was time for a nap, shower, walk to dinner at Fleet’s.  And that was just Friday afternoon/evening!  Since it was after 10 when we left the restaurant, Charlie & I “took an Uber” from Fleet’s to the marina (2 miles). Well worth the $6!
Vern was our tour guide

Cobblestone streets

The US Customs House-Charleston

The old jail - creepy!

Of course, I found a funeral home!

Flower boxes were everywhere - so pretty!

Back on the boat I experienced a sudden, unexpected and lengthy nose bleed – first one in 40+ years!! I wasn’t concerned enough for medical attention but it certainly had my attention! Saturday morning I woke at 5:30…with a bloody nose! Again, sudden, unexpected and this time never-ending! I was able to slow it down enough to put on make-up (of course!), get dressed & Charlie ordered an Uber!  That’s right boys and girls…we took an Uber to a walk-in clinic, on a Saturday morning with cotton balls up my nose and bloody wash rags held to my face!!  But I had mascara and lipstick on too!  Priceless!!

I was seen quickly, Wendy the physician’s assistant was phenomenal!  All my vitals were normal; blood panels looked good so she just burned the area. I have no explanation and she was stumped as well but nobody died, so we’re good!

We left the clinic, walked to Walgreen’s to pick up a few things then Andrew called!!  He & Elizabeth picked us up and we headed off to the Charleston Farmer’s Market – they have food truck food – and a bunch of other stuff too.  After a quick bite of lunch we ventured outside Charleston to Boone Hall Plantation for the afternoon.  That was a nice trip – historical as well as a great marketing strategy.  Side note…this plantation is where The Notebook was filmed!! I guess I need to watch the movie…  Saturday evening brought us to yet another dinner – this time at Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill.  Nice place but way overpriced (says the girl who likes truck food)!!

Live Oaks line the approach to Boone Hall Plantation
Boone Hall Plantation & garden

Boone Hall Garden area - my favorite part!

Andrew and Elizabeth have returned home safely.  We enjoyed their visit and really appreciated the commitment to make the trip – it’s so nice to see familiar faces!!

'nuff said
Charlie & I spent Sunday afternoon working on the boat, doing laundry, cooking, etc.  All that fun stuff we do the day before we depart!  Monday morning we will throw off the lines and continue our journey north…next stop is Bucksport Plantation in a couple days!!  Great story there – stay tuned!
Take a few minutes to thank the Lord for your friends – because friends are the family you get to choose!

God Bless!

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