Tuesday, April 25, 2017

We'll try Beaufort again-Hobucken NC

A camper and helicopter - what more does a person need?

Mother Nature kept us from touring Beaufort NC.  We docked late Sunday afternoon, walked the town, grabbed a soup & salad dinner, then back to the boat. On Monday I did not leave the boat!! Not kidding!!  It was raining, high winds & all around miserable…there was no reason to challenge the elements of nature.  So I stayed in my ‘jammies and used the day to do research, planning and cleaning – so not a wasted day.

R E Mayo Seafood - FRESH off the boat!
When we woke Tuesday, (4/24/2017) the sun was trying to shine, the wind & water was calm & no rain!  So instead of trying to see the town we decided to throw off the lines and continue our travels.   At 2:30pm we docked at R E Mayo Marina.  Hobucken NC has a hidden gem right here!  It’s not a “marina” in the typical sense but rather a fresh seafood pit stop with reasonable prices!  We have docked for the night at .40/foot, purchased fresh shrimp, mahi mahi, flounder & a t shirt for $49!!  Bargain!!
The "facilities" - cute but I think I like my boat!

Tomorrow we will journey to Belhaven NC and meet our original Looper buddy boat Southern Cross!  It will be so good to see them.  I’m not sure how long we will stay…we have a standing reservation in Deltaville VA for May 3 and that location is 309 miles away.  We will use our time wisely.

This house?  The
concept has me confused?

Is this the "edge of the world"?

Have a super Wednesday!

God Bless!

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