Saturday, April 8, 2017

windy, Windy, WINDY!!

The Arsenal now the Visitors Center

WOW!! We’ve been in Beaufort SC for 3 days and TODAY (Saturday 4/8/17) is the first “calm” day of our stay.  We have been tied to the city dock, along with a FULL marina of other boaters.  We have had the opportunity to walk and tour small portions of the city but honestly, the wind has been so strong it’s exhausting!  Friday morning, Karen (Tranquillity III) & I took a 3 mile walk it was so windy our eyes were stinging.

However, Saturday we woke to calm water, light winds and LOTS of sunshine!!  Most of the boats headed out at first light but we stayed – there is so much more to see!  AND by 8:30 AM the kayaks, paddle boards, water patrol and search & rescue volunteers were in full motion.
There were over 60 participants - perfect water!
Dad and daughter - so sweet & hard work!
Mom and son - son complained, "mom, you aren't going very fast"
Because of the break in the weather, we have relocated to a mooring ball – our plan from the beginning but wind, rain & high seas forced a plan B situation.  However, due to the race we were allowed to stay tied until 1:00PM – safer for us and the participants!!

They floated real close - We stayed on the dock!

Our commute to land is not far, we have an available dinghy dock and the town at our fingertips…YAY!!  Plus a fresh line of boats to visit…what more could a girl want?!?

We are moored in a sailboat neighborhood
Hopefully tomorrow will allow for more pictures.  We plan to attend The Baptist Church of Beaufort in the morning then spend the day with a planned tour. We hope you take the opportunity to spend some time thanking THE ONE who has allowed us to live in this great country and pray for those families who have experienced the pain of ultimate sacrifice.

God Bless!

A boat name - needs to be an accredited course for "non-southern" boaters

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