Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Cruising to Reedville VA

The Lower Place anchored in Cockrell Creek, Reedville, VA

Late Sunday (5/7/17) afternoon the sun peeked through…for just a moment!  But it was enough to start planning/looking for a Monday (5/8/17) departure from our super-friendly stop in Deltaville VA.  And as expected…Monday started with bright sunshine, clear skies and “calm” wind (all of these descriptions are relative to the writer’s tolerance level, of course), your opinion may vary.

We decided to make it a short travel day (24 miles) and cruise to Reedville VA.  The Chesapeake Bay is a wonderful yet challenging body of water…current, wind, waves – can hit the boat from three different directions!  And yes, we had that kind of day BUT we weren’t rolling from side to side so it wasn’t too bad.  There were a few instances of waves slamming the boat, the wind caught the spray and blew the water into the fly bridge (15’ above the water line) – that was a little unsettling, but we survived!
Tranquillity III anchored "next door" in Cockrell Creek, Reedville VA
We anchored in Cockrell's Creek, Reedville VA – a fantastic stop, close to shore.  Before long our friends Mike & Karen on Tranquillity III were hailing us on the radio – looking for the anchorage! An unexpected yet wonderful surprise – I think they just wanted to make sure the water conditions past my “tolerance” test! Ha ha!

Waterfront dining - proper attire required! Brrr...
The anchorage is adjacent to the Cockrell’s Creek Crab Co.  Charlie called & ordered steamed crabs for lunch/supper/dinner, we dinghyed to shore for pick up, Tranquillity III anchored, Charlie picked up Mike & Karen and brought them to shore.  We sat in the sunshine, cracked crabs and enjoyed the afternoon!  Then an after-meal walk through Reedville was eye-opening…everything is closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays!!  But what a quaint, quiet community…like we stepped back in time!

This home just caught my eye - so striking & pristine
Today Tuesday (5/9/17) we are staying anchored in Cockrell's Creek.  The weather is beautiful, temps in the low 60’s, it’s a perfect day to catch up on our blog AND get serious about our Potomac River tour!  
Charlie taking Mike & Karen back to their boat - no Uber service here!
Yep, we will detour off the Chesapeake Bay for a couple weeks to take the Captain John Smith history trail up to Washington DC.  I can’t wait to see Mt. Vernon come into view from the water!!  We have reservations at a marina with the Washington Monument as a backdrop! Very few loopers use the Potomac River as a side trip – we like to explore the “roads less traveled” – so I hope to have positive reviews for other loopers (& post on the various navigation sites) and picture perfect reviews for the blog!

Sunset 5/8/17 from the aft deck of The Lower Place, ahhhhh!
We hope you have a wonderful week and embrace every opportunity to do something nice.

God Bless!

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