Monday, May 1, 2017

Free Dock to Norfok to Hampton...oh my!!

Norfolk VA - Framed in History

Sunday (4/30/17) morning traveling was AMAZING!  We left the dock wall in Chesapeake, under a swing bridge, through a lock, across an inlet (or something similar) and into the Norfolk Harbor where we experienced such an overwhelming burst of patriotism!  WOW, WOW, WOW…

Ship's from all over the world...
...and ship's capable of protecting us anywhere in the world

This big boy required tugs to help him turn left in front of us...we gave him the right-of-way.
After Norfolk Harbor we turned to the port (left) and ventured into the Hampton River toward Hampton Downtown Marina. We docked stern in (backed into the slip) and honestly, every time we stern in…the wind picks up! LOL!!  But the wind & tide/current we “with us” and the dock master was excellent with his assistance and instruction.  Practice makes perfect – or at least less damage – we’ll take it!

Satori - hot on our tail - we stayed close & didn't venture out of the channel!
Satori is docked 2 slips down and today (5/1/17) Tranquillity III rolled in during HIGH wind and current!!  Mike & Karen are so cool…they tried 3 different slips before it all came together for them…they just stayed calm – great examples of seasoned boaters!

Given the continued negative boating forecast, I think we will be here one more night.  Instead of trying to travel tomorrow – we can cruise to Deltaville in calmer water on Wednesday.

Hampton is a great little town – full of Revolutionary War history!  It’s amazing to relearn the struggles and heartache our early citizens suffered…all in the name of freedom and independence.  I’ve never had a “bad day” like the ones suffered in the 1800’s.  We are such a spoiled people.
Take the time today to be thankful for this country and remember the sacrifices it took to provide our privileges.  It’s quite a responsibility to uphold.

God Bless!


  1. Great to see your progress. We are in the southport area waiting out storms. Taking notes on all the places you mention! Colleen on Moon shadow

  2. Charlie and Robin....I just now located your nlog...this is Saturday the 6th of May. Met you both along with Karen and Mike at Deltaville Boat Yard festivities yesterday.

    It is now 2:30 pm and I've been prepping to move my residence across the street. Little Button and me on the Ware River.

    Wish we were going with your group! If you have colleagues on the Loop coming ...And, if they want another hand and his beagle.. let's see!

    Such a thrill for me meeting two boaters who were cattle ranchers!

    Stay in touch!


    Alan V. Cecil
    Gloucester Courthouse, VA.