Friday, May 5, 2017

From Sunscreen to Sweatshirts!!

From the front - Mike, Jeff, Charlie & Karen - on the Hampton Dock

We had so much fun in Hampton VA!!  The warn weather, sunny skies, bike rides and LOTS of laughter!  Satori ( Jeff & Brenda) and Tranquillity III (Mike & Karen) have really been so much fun to travel with...we just laugh all the time!  SUPER FUN!
The biker gang - from left Karen and Brenda. I was riding the hot pink bike!
Queen St., Hampton VA
What a FANTASTIC past few days in Deltaville VA!  Deltaville Marina and Curtis Stokes YachtBrokers have sponsored a 2 day planning event for Loopers.  We have received planning/navigation advice on cruising the Chesapeake Bay, the Great Lakes, adapting your boat for safety/physical challenges and the ever-present do-it-yourself engine maintenance!  What a marvelous time with very timely information. So worth the commitment to stop and participate!

And Deltaville…what a fantastic little town!  Brenda, Karen & I borrowed the loaner car on Thursday afternoon for a couple hours.  We had the best adventure touring the farmlands and neighborhoods of Deltaville…such a friendly and hospitable community – made me homesick, just a little!

But the weather…!!!!!  YIKES!!!!!  High winds, heavy rain, thunderstorms, tornado warnings and DROPPING temps!!!  BRRRR….we pulled out long sleeved t shirts, jackets, and extra blanket on the bed…  YEP, we have officially “out-traveled” the spring/summer-like temps.  We need to sit tight for a few days & hope the warm weather inches north!  Ha ha!!!  FYI: due to the bad weather our phones & camera have been "protected" on the I have no cloudy/stormy photos to share!

The Bay is still rolling a little angry and the weather forecast doesn’t show a calm day until Wednesday…but some of our looping buddies are saying that Sunday “might be doable”.  Hmmmm….I haven’t been very successful with “doable” travel days…stay tuned! 

Have a SUPER weekend!!

God Bless!

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  1. Charlie and Robin,

    The sun is breaking on on the upper reaches of the Ware River.

    Love your "just golks" narrative in the blog!

    I will be sending you some snapshots in a but from yesterday's Deltaville Boat Yard Curtis Stokes fete.