Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Virginia to Maryland - All FLAT water

Chesapeake Bay on May 10, 2017

Wednesday (5/10/17) we pulled up anchor at Reedville VA and headed back out into the Chesapeake Bay.  We spent the better part of Tuesday afternoon analyzing the wind, current, tide and rain forecasts.  I finally said to Charlie “Let’s just GO! There is no perfect day – we will be fine.”  Yes, I believe knowledge is power but I also believe “too much analysis can cause paralysis”. So we went…

Lighted Marker 52' tall on the Chesapeake Bay - has 15 mile visibility...

...because the mouth of the Potomac River is 17 miles wide
…Into a picture perfect, flat water, no wind kind of day…WHO KNEW!?!  Thank you Lord!!!  The Chesapeake Bay (so far) has been as expected.  We have been told all kinds of horror stories about the Potomac River (“People have died!”) tide vs. current vs. wind…again, there is no perfect day.  We cruise smart – not scared.

Once we traversed the mouth of the Potomac, we took a right and headed up the St. Mary’s River to an anchorage at St. Mary’s College.  Beautiful, calm, flat and sunny…maybe there is a perfect cruising day!!

The St. Mary's River...smooth as silk
Once anchored, we dropped the dinghy, headed to shore…which just happens to be at the college.  We learned that today is “day 1 of senior week” and students were everywhere…just hanging out.  We walked through campus & Charlie stopped a couple co-eds to ask “where’s a good place to eat lunch?”  They were grinning, friendly, perky & started chatting about go down this road, turn left, blah, blah, blah.  One girl said “it’s a long way, you can’t walk there” and the other one said, “it’s not too far.”

The 2 mile mark...where's the Mexican Diner?!?
Charlie said that we could get there – it was only 2 miles and he wanted Mexican.  As usual, I zoned out when the girls started talking – since they had his attention – and I’m always up for a walk in a new area!!

So a deli at mile 3.1 – St. James Deli – was our (only) choice for lunch!!   And don’t forget…we had to walk BACK!!!  The return trip seemed a lot faster and we both really enjoyed the hike – the beautiful countryside brought back great memories of training miles in the country – Gates Hill, Siloam-Griffith Road, Hwy 389…Martha, I miss you!!!

Judge Charlie on the bench at the original State House...
...and here's the public side of the courtroom
Tomorrow, we will go back down St. Mary’s River and cross the Potomac River (that puts us back in Virginia) to the Weocomico River.  With negative weather approaching Thursday evening, we will dock at Olverson’s Marina a couple days.

Why YES!!!  It has been a PERFECT DAY!!!

God Bless!

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