Friday, May 19, 2017

Washington DC....

Our National Capitol
There are no words for the past couple days…Washington DC has been more interesting and fun than I could have imagined!  I have so many pictures it’s hard to pick just a few to post – but I will try.

Aviation Museum
Segway tour at the Lincoln Memorial
Presidential Motorcade

Yep, we were here & 2 more blocks we saw...
The White House! (Uncle Donald wasn't home this afternoon)

The Washington Monument (1 of the MANY pics)
In addition to National Police Officer Memorial Week – apparently it is also National-8thGrade-Field-Trip-Week…WOW!!  Kids and chaperones are everywhere – God Bless them!!!

We will be here for another week – I just don’t know how much more patriotic pride and citizen humility I can take!  What in the world have I done to improve this country? I realize – not much and that I’m entitled to nothing.  
Arlington Cemetery
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Be thankful not only for your family but for those who have sacrificed everything so that we may live freely!  And never forget that our freedom is continually under attack – the battle is never over. 

Hug someone today & God Bless!

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