Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Washington DC...still touring!

WW II Memorial

We have had a FANTASTIC week of sight-seeing, Capitol tours and walking, walking, walking!

Home state representation
It has been said that it would take 2 years (or longer) to see every monument, memorial, museum and sacred ground site in DC…I believe it!  And since we’ve experienced a weather shift (it’s cold and rainy) our sight-seeing has taken us indoors a little more. And also makes our outdoor photos look like black and white-crazy, huh?

The Wall of Stars just moved me to tears
I’ll just let the pictures do the talking...but have you made your plans to visit our nation’s capitol yet??  Book a 10 day to 2 week window – there’s A LOT to see and do, don’t let it slip away!

Lincoln Memorial

Jefferson Memorial
Iwo Jima Statue
Reading Room at the Library of Congress
JFK (& family) Gravesite
One of the many amazing & sobering sites at Arlington Cemetery
Steve (Sanctuary) & Charlie trying to behave at an art gallery...we didn't stay long.
Steve & Teresa (Sanctuary) w/us on Capitol Hill-great touring partners!
I must say that after 7 months and 1 day into our Great Loop journey – DC is our favorite stop so far!
God Bless!

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