Wednesday, May 31, 2017

We're baaaccckkkk!!

Downtown Fort Worth TX-Graduation destination
Yes, the blog has been “dark” for a week – and the boat has been empty!!  Last week we spent Friday with our friends Ric and Prudi from Rascal’s Retreat hanging out in DC.  Saturday morning Charlie and I headed to Washington National Airport and flew to Dallas/Ft. Worth for the not-to-be-missed high school graduation of grandson Josh “Mr. Magna Cum Laude”!!  We spent Sunday and Monday enjoying the kids, grands and extended family gathered together to celebrate!!  Tuesday came too soon; we boarded our return flight and landed in DC around 10:00 PM.
Birdville HS Class of 2017
 Wednesday morning brought us clear skies, cool temps and calm water…yep, by noon we were cruising south on the Potomac!!  After two weeks in DC, it is time to play catch up and find our Looper family – we are New York bound!!!
Looking back at DC shoreline - GREAT MEMORIES!
Determined to take full advantage of the current & tide pushing us at 9 to 10 mph we didn’t anchor until 6:30…just in time to weather a severe, yet brief thunderstorm.  It was over quicker than expected…and that’s ok with us!  We are safe & sound at Faulkner MD and looking forward to a restful evening.  And yes, tomorrow will be an early departure and long distance kind of day (weather permitting)…we’re coming looper family, I promise!

The storm finally caught us at anchor - all over in 20 minutes!
Welcome to summer – make it special for someone!

God Bless!!

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