Thursday, May 11, 2017

What a difference a day makes...

Sunset at St. Mary's College anchorage 5/10/2017

Wednesday was filled with LOTS of sunshine, agreeable temps and a nice long walk.  The day was sealed with a magnificent sunset!

We woke on Thursday (5/11/17) to CLOUDS, RAIN and just a light breeze.  We talked about our plans to move across the river to a marina and agreed if we were going to be “boat bound” due to rain, we’d rather stay for free.  So we are still at anchor in St. Mary’s city.  Isn’t it great to have the option to alter plans, simply because it’s raining?  Ummm, YES!!!
Afternoon at St. Mary's College anchorage 5/11/2017

As of this post, the rain has slowed/stopped.  Friday’s forecast still shows rain but with increasing wind.  So…it’s quite possible we will move to the marina on Friday for 2 nights.  Stay tuned…

Until then, please know we are safe & secured, hanging out on The Lower Place, enjoying a day off!

God Bless!

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