Thursday, June 29, 2017

Trenton CA

Here we are – at the beginning of the Trent-Severn Waterway, docked at the Trent Port Marina!  Today (Thursday) was a rainy 40 mile journey from Picton but that was OK, no locks to deal with & we both stayed dry!!  And I made use of the easy navigation (only 1 set of eyes needed at the helm) to get the inside of the boat CLEANED!!  And then the aft deck got a serious dose of elbow grease! After the Erie & Oswego Canals…this boat was filthy – slime, grime and crud from the lock lines…UGH!!!  But all is shiny and clean on the inside! HAPPY!!!

Now that's a patrol vehicle - the thin blue line is real
Trent Port Marina is wonderful and quite large. But more importantly it is staffed with the friendliest crew…and YES, they know how to assist docking a boat! Such a great stop and we are so blessed to be here until at least Sunday (maybe Monday, weather permitting).
This dinghy made me think of someone "not dinghy"!
We were able to take a nice walk through part of Trenton and found several unique stores, post office and of course restaurants.  Naturally, most of the businesses will be closed on Saturday – Canada Day!!  So Friday will be shopping time for me.
No dock carts here - top notch service
Looking forward to seeing a LOT of loopers over the next few days…you know who you are!! So our blog may be filled with pictures and a little less narrative – there’s just so much fun waiting!

Happy Friday, Happy Canada Day, and Happy Independence Day – that’s a lot of happy!!

God Bless!

In Canada - this is an EXIT sign (I thought restroom!)
Note to the Grands:  From the post title to pictures to words...this post has really been about memory Lane!!  😍

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Oh Canada!!

Flying the Canadian courtesy flag!

It was an EARLY departure from Sackets Harbor NY – 5:51AM – pulled away from the dock!!  That wasn’t even coffee:30!!  But we looked at the weather, mainly wind forecast and realized the earlier the better on Lake Ontario.  The water was a little choppy but we have been through worse; however, it was COLD!!!  Said the woman who is always hot!!  At the end of our 7 ½ hour journey I was still wearing, sweatpants, t-shirt, sweatshirt & windbreaker…it was in the mid 50’s!!

Canadian shore - only thing missing is the SNOW!
We are docked at Picton Municipal Marina in Picton, Ontario, Canada – a lovely town!  We were also fortunate to clear customs while still underway – simple phone call about 2 miles from land.  Of course it did help to have filed a float plan and proactively offered our passport & vessel documentation before we left New York.
The Lower Place docked at Picton Municipal Marina

First sign of wildlife - a BLACK squirrel - who knew??
 Once checked in at the marina, we walked to town…”not far, just up this hill, turn right & go up the next hill – it’s right there.”  YAY!!! HILLS!!!  We went to the closest bank, exchanged USD to CND, a super pleasant & simple experience! SCORE!!  Then back to the boat for a NAP - I earned it! LOL!

Canada is celebrating their 150th birthday this year AND Canada Day is July 1st!!  We are so blessed to be here and share in their celebration.  This town is decorated and ready to celebrate!

Typical waterfront property - very welcoming!
We have reservations at Trent Port Marina for the weekend (Fri – Sun) and a day-long celebration is planned for Saturday. Once docked, we won’t move there’s no reason.  However, we don’t have plans for Thursday…maybe an anchorage? Marina? Or stay put?  We will review the weather, make a few calls and decide.  We’re just happy to be in Canada!!

Culture differences...I've seen snow routes, hurricane routes, tornado shelters...but this is a new one!!

As our friends and family in the USA make plans for Independence Day please remember the hard work and team focused effort it required to have our Independence!!

God Bless!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sackets Harbor NY - tour day

The Lower Place tied to the dock - we were at the pavilion
The pavilion over looking the bay - GREAT acoustics!

What a beautiful day in Sackets Harbor!  The morning started out with severe thunderstorms, high wind & LOTS of marine warnings…we were tied to a dock at Navy Point Marine!!  It only took a phone call to the office and we were approved to stay another night…Ta-daaaa!!

What a great way to display "potted" flowers
By 11:30am the bad weather was history and the sun was shining!  Of course the wind was still a bit strong and the high was forecast to reach 67°…yes, it’s late June in upstate New York – LOVE IT!!!  So we set out on a foot tour of this precious village.

Streets lined with flower baskets & greenery
Battlefields, military barracks, historic buildings dating back to the early 1800’; churches and bed & breakfast establishments were scattered throughout the town.  And of course a couple restaurants, a post office, bakery, library but most of all the never-ending population of friendly, helpful people!  Everything reminded me of a simpler life – when people gathered face-to-face to visit. 
Wall art displayed at Tin Pan Galley
 Charlie and I ate lunch at Tin Pan Galley today; I looked around the very full restaurant (it was LOUD) and realized that we were the only ones looking at our phones…everyone else was looking at each other and actually TALKING!  Shame on us!!!

House for sale - corner lot!!!
After lunch Charlie headed back to the boat to “check on a few things” (read: he wasn’t interested in walking up & down the roads).  I was excited to have a solo day of exploration – what fun!!!  As usual, I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

Building (now home) dated 1810
First Presbyterian Church

This church is listed with a realtor...sad.

Public library
Yep, I've been inside this home - now Woolsey Manor B & B

And this home too!  Christmas 1985!
One last comment:  I have filed our float plan for travel into Canada!!  This will be our last day in the USA until September 1st-or somewhere close to that.  We will still have our phones and the good news is we will still have our standard service!! YAY!!  Communication to the family will be uninterrupted!

The mailbox at the local Post Office - rent a box today!
We hope you enjoy the upcoming Independence Day celebration day here in the USA…we will help Canada celebrate their 150th birthday on July 1!!!  Can’t wait!!

God Bless!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Sunday or Monday - what day is it?

Phoenix NY after a thunderstorm

Our weekend in Phoenix NY was well spent on the town wall – free tie up & 15 amp electricity!   We were there with Sanctuary, Southern Cross and Moon Shadow!!  Always a good time!  A walk through the village revealed hidden treasures…including 3 different churches within walking distance.
The Lower Place, town wall, Phoenix NY
 Sunday morning Charlie & I walked to the First United Methodist Church – they had a service at 8:45!  We were received with open arms and big smiles and oh, the beautiful music!  We both received such a blessing and were so happy to share in their service.  The others split up and covered the 2 other churches…loopers all over the place!

The Lower Place needed some attention “on the bottom” – normal maintenance, but not something we are qualified to do.  By 12:30 Sunday afternoon “Jay the SCUBA diver” was gearing up to go under.  After months in salt water the “growth and gross” needed to come off.  Over 2 hours later Jay (literally) came up for air…as we were saying on land…Charlie’s bottom was scraped clean!  Boating humor!!

Our buddy boats in Lock 1 - ummm...anyone read a weather report?
While Jay was taking care of The Lower Place our buddy boats decided to tackle the Oswego Canal and traverse locks 1 – 7.  They tied to the lock wall before lock 8 –the last lock before Lake Ontario – for the night.  Charlie & I stayed in Phoenix, tied to the wall safe & sound!  Thunder, lightening, sheets of rain & dropping temps made me VERY happy to be sitting still (with a clean bottom!).

Oswego Canal, Monday 6-26-2017
Monday morning brought clear skies & 56° for a 7:00 AM departure.   We were the only boat on the canal and each lock master called ahead to announce our time to the next lock – WONDERFUL!!  By 10:30AM we completed the Oswego Canal and had Lake Ontario straight ahead! WOW!!!!

Top of Lock 8-Oswego Canal! Lake Ontario straight ahead!
Unlike our buddy boats, who crossed Lake Ontario & went directly to Canada…we took a side trip – in true Lower Place fashion.  By 3:30PM we were docked in Sackets HarborNY!!  A wonderful village established in 1801 and very instrumental in the War of 1812…and just happens to be where I spent the Christmas of 1985!!!  They are currently experiencing extreme flooding & only 1 marina had a floating dock available – that’s fine with me, the last time I was here there was 100” of snow on the ground!!  I’m looking forward to walking into town & seeing all the quaint shops & friendly people!!!  Oddly enough, the first boaters we met are from Florida & Tennessee…they’ve been here for 27 years!!  This could be a sign!!
Waterfront condos-blue barrels designate submerged docks. that a COW?!?
 The weather is gorgeous today (Monday) but Tuesday doesn’t look so promising OR consistent – each weather app has a different forecast.  So who knows how long we will be here…maybe 27 years?

Even if your Monday is over by the time this is read…make today a super fantastic day!!

God Bless!
Lake Ontario - doesn't get flatter than this!