Friday, June 2, 2017

A New Distance Record...

Another calm, flat day...until it wasn't!
Another long travel day on The Lower Place!  We threw off the lines at Calvert Marina, Solomon, MD Friday morning at 6:49AM!!  Since Thursday was an 80 mile day I simply “assumed” Friday would be a little shorter.  BUT…the water was calm, light wind, clear skies…why not keep cruising?
While I was at the helm (around 1:00) the wind shifted…water churned…clouds thickened..uh-oh!!  The boat started rolling with the waves – Charlie appeared on the fly bridge asking, “What did you do?!”  Of course, I have that kind of power!! LOL!!

Needless to say, the next couple hours were a little different than we expected. I took a nap – lying over an ice chest – trying to keep everything “on the inside”…UGH!!!  Sorry no pictures!! Soon we turned off the Chesapeake and onto Elk River bringing much calmer water!  Thank you Jesus!!!

A bottle of Gatorade and a stick of ginger gum and I was good as new!!  Then we dropped anchor in Chesapeake City, MD anchorage at 7:30PM…103 miles later!!  Not.Even.Kidding!!  I am exhausted and not the happiest girl to hear we will depart at 6:20AM Saturday!!!  HUH??? 

Chesapeake Bay Bridge spans the width at 3.8 miles-WOW!
Other than that – it was a cruise-filled Friday and the adventure of America’s Great Loop continues.  Lord, help others only see Jesus in me…’cause the “me” part isn’t so shiny right now!! 

God Bless!!
We were passed by Sanctuary (not Steve & Teresa) at the end of the day

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