Sunday, June 4, 2017

Maryland, Delaware & now New Jersey!

Approach to Canyon Club, Cape May NJ

We’re still traveling BUT we have caught several of our looper friends/family…it’s been months since we’ve seen some of them!

No post on Saturday because we cruised another 70+ mile day and I was exhausted!  We pulled into CanyonClub Resort & Marina, Cape May, NJ greeted by several looper boats…Southern Cross, Sanctuary and Moon Shadow!  Since we left Chesapeake City, MD at 6:15 am, traveled across Delaware, down the river and into Delaware Bay we arrived before 3:00; just enough time to get registered at the office, fix a late lunch and take a nap (me)!  Charlie went to the grocery store with Southern Cross and Sanctuary but I’ve been fighting an ear ache, sore throat & headache since our return from Fort Worth – I blame it all on the “community air” we are forced to breathe in hotels, airports and planes. Yuck! I opted to stay away from the healthy folks...and they all said "Thank you!"

I missed church this morning but I didn't miss worship! My heart is FULL!
I knew we were departing Cape May “first thing” Sunday morning with 5-6 other boats so I opted for getting some rest. Not to be disappointed – we left the slip at 7:07 am and headed out into the Atlantic Ocean – a gorgeous day!! But we remained weather-wise, forecast indicated late day rain showers and that translates into higher winds = higher waves.

Southern Cross on our port - just like old times, missed y'all!
As we motored along, the radio/phone chatter among the boats went something like this:

“I’d hate to stop early & give up this beautiful day” Robin’s thoughts: yeah, beauty doesn’t last forever.

“We can make it to blah, blah, blah by 8:00, it will still be daylight” Robin (looking at Windfinder App) thinking: I may not be a weather hound but I can read!  Ummm…no, on the 8:00 idea! And 100+ mile days are not my idea of fun! I remained quiet.

“We can make it to blah, blah, blah anchorage, if it’s not good we can keep moving”   Robin praying: someone PLEASE invite common sense to this conversation!  Since I wasn’t driving the boat at that time it wouldn’t be proper for me to interject…but I’ve been known to throw “proper” overboard!

Charlie & I started listening to the NOAA marine forecast – I say nothing – because the “professionals” are saying enough…20-30 knot winds, seas 3-5’ by 2:00pm! Finally…radio communication rolls around to a vote and the “let’s drop anchor in Atlantic City” vote WINS!!! YAY!!!

As of this writing, the winds have increased but we are in a protected cove so no worries.  Radio communication from sport fishermen indicates our 12:30 pm stop wasn’t a bad idea.  And Charlie is playing Uber/Dinghy driver – he picked up Pat & Cathy from Southern Cross and along with 2 other dinghy’s they have ventured across the channel to the sights & sounds of Atlantic City.  I stayed on board, out of the wind, consuming plenty of water, fresh oranges, Claritin & cough drops…seems to be helping.  The sacrifice of peace & quiet on a Sunday afternoon…somebody has to do it!

Moral of the story…sometimes being quiet brings us what we know is right. Thank you Jesus!!

God Bless!
Atlantic City anchorage - we are family!!

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