Tuesday, June 6, 2017

New Jersey, check!

Bye, bye Atlantic City NJ

Welcome once again to our amazing adventure/race around New Jersey!  Geesh…Monday was another marathon day at 91.5 miles!  We are traveling with several other boats – Moon Shadow, Southern Cross, Sanctuary and Enterprise. The group mentality is refreshing, female conversation is quite welcome and “let’s take a vote” camaraderie helps us push our personal limits, build team spirit and cover the miles in a “do-able” environment when I really prefer an “ideal” day at sea.  All that being said…I’m ready to see some sunshine!  Please God??

Moon Shadow in the foreground - compared to the ship in the background
 We departed Atlantic City NJ around 8:45 am Monday with the destination of Manasquan NJ – about 50 miles in the Atlantic Ocean.  We were cautioned by several other boaters that the approach was wicked – strong current, tide swing, etc.  So 7 miles from our destination and it was suggested that we head toward Sandy Hook – “we can be there by 8”.  This change of destination would accomplish several things – avoid the danger of Manasquan Inlet, get ahead of the predicted negative weather forecast AND complete our Atlantic Ocean route!!! Of course, I wondered about visibility, rain & darkness – but why should that be a concern, we have radar!!  Of course…

After being thrown about the boat (me, Charlie, TV, chairs, etc.) we entered the Sandy Hook anchorage, dropped & set the hook and turned off the engines at 8:22 pm.  Thank you Lord!!  It was not a pretty ride – the boat handled the 3-5’ swells well, although we did turn off the auto pilot to stop the slamming of the beam sea.  I didn’t throw up or cry but it wasn’t the best day at sea…according to the group text bouncing between the “first mate’s club” I wasn’t alone in my frustration.

As of this Tuesday morning post, we are still at anchor in Sandy Hook.  The local radar indicates rain, rain & more rain. We are DONE with the Atlantic but have Sandy Hook Bay, Lower Bay and Upper Bay to cross before we see NEW YORK CITY!!  We plan to dock/moor at Great Kills Yacht Club on Staten Island -8 miles away and I don’t know if it will happen today due to the weather or slip availability…I’m sure we will discuss/vote on it in a little while. *grin*

Whatever you do today – do it with a smile and be happy you’re part of a team! In spite of a rough Monday…I’m looking forward to Tuesday – even if we stay anchored in Sandy Hook!

God Bless!

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