Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Oh Canada!!

Flying the Canadian courtesy flag!

It was an EARLY departure from Sackets Harbor NY – 5:51AM – pulled away from the dock!!  That wasn’t even coffee:30!!  But we looked at the weather, mainly wind forecast and realized the earlier the better on Lake Ontario.  The water was a little choppy but we have been through worse; however, it was COLD!!!  Said the woman who is always hot!!  At the end of our 7 ½ hour journey I was still wearing, sweatpants, t-shirt, sweatshirt & windbreaker…it was in the mid 50’s!!

Canadian shore - only thing missing is the SNOW!
We are docked at Picton Municipal Marina in Picton, Ontario, Canada – a lovely town!  We were also fortunate to clear customs while still underway – simple phone call about 2 miles from land.  Of course it did help to have filed a float plan and proactively offered our passport & vessel documentation before we left New York.
The Lower Place docked at Picton Municipal Marina

First sign of wildlife - a BLACK squirrel - who knew??
 Once checked in at the marina, we walked to town…”not far, just up this hill, turn right & go up the next hill – it’s right there.”  YAY!!! HILLS!!!  We went to the closest bank, exchanged USD to CND, a super pleasant & simple experience! SCORE!!  Then back to the boat for a NAP - I earned it! LOL!

Canada is celebrating their 150th birthday this year AND Canada Day is July 1st!!  We are so blessed to be here and share in their celebration.  This town is decorated and ready to celebrate!

Typical waterfront property - very welcoming!
We have reservations at Trent Port Marina for the weekend (Fri – Sun) and a day-long celebration is planned for Saturday. Once docked, we won’t move there’s no reason.  However, we don’t have plans for Thursday…maybe an anchorage? Marina? Or stay put?  We will review the weather, make a few calls and decide.  We’re just happy to be in Canada!!

Culture differences...I've seen snow routes, hurricane routes, tornado shelters...but this is a new one!!

As our friends and family in the USA make plans for Independence Day please remember the hard work and team focused effort it required to have our Independence!!

God Bless!

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