Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sackets Harbor NY - tour day

The Lower Place tied to the dock - we were at the pavilion
The pavilion over looking the bay - GREAT acoustics!

What a beautiful day in Sackets Harbor!  The morning started out with severe thunderstorms, high wind & LOTS of marine warnings…we were tied to a dock at Navy Point Marine!!  It only took a phone call to the office and we were approved to stay another night…Ta-daaaa!!

What a great way to display "potted" flowers
By 11:30am the bad weather was history and the sun was shining!  Of course the wind was still a bit strong and the high was forecast to reach 67°…yes, it’s late June in upstate New York – LOVE IT!!!  So we set out on a foot tour of this precious village.

Streets lined with flower baskets & greenery
Battlefields, military barracks, historic buildings dating back to the early 1800’; churches and bed & breakfast establishments were scattered throughout the town.  And of course a couple restaurants, a post office, bakery, library but most of all the never-ending population of friendly, helpful people!  Everything reminded me of a simpler life – when people gathered face-to-face to visit. 
Wall art displayed at Tin Pan Galley
 Charlie and I ate lunch at Tin Pan Galley today; I looked around the very full restaurant (it was LOUD) and realized that we were the only ones looking at our phones…everyone else was looking at each other and actually TALKING!  Shame on us!!!

House for sale - corner lot!!!
After lunch Charlie headed back to the boat to “check on a few things” (read: he wasn’t interested in walking up & down the roads).  I was excited to have a solo day of exploration – what fun!!!  As usual, I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

Building (now home) dated 1810
First Presbyterian Church

This church is listed with a realtor...sad.

Public library
Yep, I've been inside this home - now Woolsey Manor B & B

And this home too!  Christmas 1985!
One last comment:  I have filed our float plan for travel into Canada!!  This will be our last day in the USA until September 1st-or somewhere close to that.  We will still have our phones and the good news is we will still have our standard service!! YAY!!  Communication to the family will be uninterrupted!

The mailbox at the local Post Office - rent a box today!
We hope you enjoy the upcoming Independence Day celebration day here in the USA…we will help Canada celebrate their 150th birthday on July 1!!!  Can’t wait!!

God Bless!

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