Thursday, June 1, 2017

Solomons MD

Sunrise June 1, 2017 - Faulkner MD anchorage
Today started early – anchor up at 6:45!  We had a fabulous travel day…flat water, bright sunshine, low humidity, live firing exercise, light wind – just the normal day in our lives!

We traveled about 80 miles (that’s a LONG day) trying to complete the round trip on the Potomac and kiss the Chesapeake Bay once again!  We are back in foreign (unfamiliar) waters where everything is “new”.  But before we finished the trek on the Potomac, a Navy “range boat” radioed to us…

“South bound trawler approaching markers 25 & 26” he repeated twice. I grabbed the binoculars and verified the markers – yep, that’s us! Charlie answered. The officer then said “are you familiar with our ‘hot range exercise’?”  We looked at each other – of course I was thinking it was a free gym membership or something! Charlie said “No sir, just tell me what I need to do.”

Long story short, he politely advised us to increase our speed until we reached markers 17 & 18 – Charlie responded with “Yes, sir” (Roger that – seemed a little casual for the moment).  We were FLYING at 2000 rpms generating a top speed of 10.2 mph (thank goodness for the current!). Once we reached markers 17 & 18, the “range boat” suggested we continue to markers 7 & 8 – we did.  All ended well.

OK here’s the mystery…where the heck was this “boat”?  I NEVER saw it!! But he seemed to know all about us – I opted to not question the situation.  By the time we were “safe” there were many more boats having the same conversation.   The rest of the day was boring & calm – not a bad thing considering the boom, boom, boom we were hearing behind us.

Where the Potomac meets the Chesapeake - what dangerous current?!?
As we left the Potomac and met the Chesapeake…Sweet Home Alabama was playing on the radio!!  We both laughed!

Tonight we are docked at Calvert Marina ,Solomons MD.  We will only be here for the night and plan to leave at first light – hoping for another long, uneventful travel day.  But we stopped for fuel and they had space - so why not walk on land, finish laundry and enjoy the sunset? I'm living like a rock star! LOL!!

Sunset June 1, 2017, Aft deck on The Lower Place
It was comforting to know and hear our Navy perfecting their skills, preparing for anything that may come our way…as civilians we have no idea how much dedication, sacrifice and commitment our armed forces provide for our day-to-day freedom.  Thank you soldiers, sailors and airmen!

Be thankful for this great nation – it really is the best place in the world!

God Bless

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