Monday, June 26, 2017

Sunday or Monday - what day is it?

Phoenix NY after a thunderstorm

Our weekend in Phoenix NY was well spent on the town wall – free tie up & 15 amp electricity!   We were there with Sanctuary, Southern Cross and Moon Shadow!!  Always a good time!  A walk through the village revealed hidden treasures…including 3 different churches within walking distance.
The Lower Place, town wall, Phoenix NY
 Sunday morning Charlie & I walked to the First United Methodist Church – they had a service at 8:45!  We were received with open arms and big smiles and oh, the beautiful music!  We both received such a blessing and were so happy to share in their service.  The others split up and covered the 2 other churches…loopers all over the place!

The Lower Place needed some attention “on the bottom” – normal maintenance, but not something we are qualified to do.  By 12:30 Sunday afternoon “Jay the SCUBA diver” was gearing up to go under.  After months in salt water the “growth and gross” needed to come off.  Over 2 hours later Jay (literally) came up for air…as we were saying on land…Charlie’s bottom was scraped clean!  Boating humor!!

Our buddy boats in Lock 1 - ummm...anyone read a weather report?
While Jay was taking care of The Lower Place our buddy boats decided to tackle the Oswego Canal and traverse locks 1 – 7.  They tied to the lock wall before lock 8 –the last lock before Lake Ontario – for the night.  Charlie & I stayed in Phoenix, tied to the wall safe & sound!  Thunder, lightening, sheets of rain & dropping temps made me VERY happy to be sitting still (with a clean bottom!).

Oswego Canal, Monday 6-26-2017
Monday morning brought clear skies & 56° for a 7:00 AM departure.   We were the only boat on the canal and each lock master called ahead to announce our time to the next lock – WONDERFUL!!  By 10:30AM we completed the Oswego Canal and had Lake Ontario straight ahead! WOW!!!!

Top of Lock 8-Oswego Canal! Lake Ontario straight ahead!
Unlike our buddy boats, who crossed Lake Ontario & went directly to Canada…we took a side trip – in true Lower Place fashion.  By 3:30PM we were docked in Sackets HarborNY!!  A wonderful village established in 1801 and very instrumental in the War of 1812…and just happens to be where I spent the Christmas of 1985!!!  They are currently experiencing extreme flooding & only 1 marina had a floating dock available – that’s fine with me, the last time I was here there was 100” of snow on the ground!!  I’m looking forward to walking into town & seeing all the quaint shops & friendly people!!!  Oddly enough, the first boaters we met are from Florida & Tennessee…they’ve been here for 27 years!!  This could be a sign!!
Waterfront condos-blue barrels designate submerged docks. that a COW?!?
 The weather is gorgeous today (Monday) but Tuesday doesn’t look so promising OR consistent – each weather app has a different forecast.  So who knows how long we will be here…maybe 27 years?

Even if your Monday is over by the time this is read…make today a super fantastic day!!

God Bless!
Lake Ontario - doesn't get flatter than this!

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