Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Big Apple!

Hello Manhattan!! Ok-a little cloudy at first...

A late start from Sandy Hook anchorage and 9 miles later we were docked at Great Kills Yacht Club, Staten Island NY!!   Tuesday was a VERY SHORT travel day & we didn’t mind one bit!  Just as our lines were secure…the rain started, the fog rolled in and it was 55°…perfect timing to be tied to a dock.  Given the weather & my slow recovery from ear/throat/headaches, I once again opted to stay on board (warm & dry) and rest!

Tuesday evening I ventured out for dinner with a LARGE group of Loopers!!  Eighteen!!  It was great to see old friends and meet a few new ones!  Cole’s Dockside was a fabulous restaurant – delicious food and superb service!! A nice way to start our visit in New York & I was beginning to feel better! YAY!!

Steve's Pizza & Charley's Burgers - do I know them??
Thank you Lord!!  We saw the SUN on Wednesday morning!! In celebration of clearer skies The Lower Place, Sanctuary, Southern Cross, Moon Shadow & Enterprise – yep…all 10 of us headed out to see the Big Apple.  We have been on our boats for months and now we had to figure out public transportation in the form of bus, subway, train, ferry!! What an adventure!!  First we caught a ride with the harbor host, John; he took us to the train station.  The train took us to the Staten Island Ferry station. The ferry carried us across the bay to lower Manhattan.  Ta-daaaa!!  We opted to walk to our destination, WTC 9/11 Memorial versus tackle the subway. 

The Towers
Along the way we detoured for photo opportunities, TrinityChurch, New York Stock Exchange, various statues/monuments and of course lunch!  New York subs for some and truck food Polish Sausage for others – remember TEN people were traveling together ON FOOT in NYC!! 

Trinity Church - a refuge for so many...
We arrived at the 9/11 Memorial, Charlie & I broke away from the group & toured the museum.  WOW!  What an impressive& honest display of history exactly as it happened.  Yes, some sections were more emotional but the final displays of perseverance, pride and patriotism makes this museum a MUST SEE!  Well done!

Today the air is clear-life feels "normal"
New York Stock Exchange
Our return trip was equally exciting in 5:00 rush hour crowd – ferry to train, stop for dinner at Nonna’s Old Fashioned Pizzeria then WALK back to the boat!! FUN!!  And after the BEST pizza on the Island we ALL needed to walk.  So 6 miles of walking wasn’t a bad day for everything we experienced – it was great to be back in NY especially since I’m feeling so much better!!!

I continue to be reminded what a privilege it is to live in this great country – the scars we share as a nation only proves our determination to continue defending that privilege. 
NYPD goes green - no kidding, a real live, full grown officer got out of this car!
God Bless!

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