Friday, June 9, 2017

Tourist in NYC

Moon Shadow's Today show sign

Thursday brought another day of typical tourist activities…including a Today Show appearance!  Seven of our 10 member group woke up in the middle of the night (3:30!) to make the 1.5 hour commute to Rockefeller Plaza.  Yours truly volunteered to “press record” as part of the “background support”.

So much to see...
Pat & Cathy from Southern Cross joined me at the crack of 9:30 am for the commute back to the Big Apple. A train, ferry & subway ride later and we joined Charlie at the corner of 7th Ave & 41st St…no problem!!  A brief background of 7thAve (aka Fashion Ave) we took in the sights and knowledge of the stroll – peeking down side streets to see the boards and screens of Broadway.

Some sights are familiar...
We stopped at Connelly’s Irish Pub & Restaurant for lunch & their potato soup really hit the spot. Then we ventured back to Times Square to really just stop and take in the sights, sounds & smells! No matter how many times one visits Time Square…it’s different every time!! Thursday was no different!!

No trip to Times Square is complete unless you see The Naked Cowboy!! Yep, it's his job!!
Our next steps took us north around Columbus Circle and into Central Park (yes, L O N G walk, YAY!). The destination was Strawberry Fields and The Dakota apartment building – John Lennon’s final moments on earth.  Upon arrival, our traveling partners found a park bench; I pulled out the subway map. YEP…the “#1 Red line subway” would take us from the Upper East Side all the way to South Ferry – without changing routes!!!  All agreed to ride the subway and we headed toward the station.

Subway to the Staten Island Ferry, Ferry to Staten Island Railway (train), a quick stop at CVS then Uber to the marina…no problem!!  It was a long day for some so it was an early evening on the boat.

As I post this, it’s Friday morning. Shortly we will leave the fabulous hospitality of the Great Kills Yacht Club and head toward Lady Liberty & downtown on our boat!!! The plan is to dock at Half Moon Bay this evening and continue traveling on Sat toward the northern parts of New York State.  Heading for Canada!!!

Still feeling well and loving this adventure!!

God Bless!

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