Thursday, June 29, 2017

Trenton CA

Here we are – at the beginning of the Trent-Severn Waterway, docked at the Trent Port Marina!  Today (Thursday) was a rainy 40 mile journey from Picton but that was OK, no locks to deal with & we both stayed dry!!  And I made use of the easy navigation (only 1 set of eyes needed at the helm) to get the inside of the boat CLEANED!!  And then the aft deck got a serious dose of elbow grease! After the Erie & Oswego Canals…this boat was filthy – slime, grime and crud from the lock lines…UGH!!!  But all is shiny and clean on the inside! HAPPY!!!

Now that's a patrol vehicle - the thin blue line is real
Trent Port Marina is wonderful and quite large. But more importantly it is staffed with the friendliest crew…and YES, they know how to assist docking a boat! Such a great stop and we are so blessed to be here until at least Sunday (maybe Monday, weather permitting).
This dinghy made me think of someone "not dinghy"!
We were able to take a nice walk through part of Trenton and found several unique stores, post office and of course restaurants.  Naturally, most of the businesses will be closed on Saturday – Canada Day!!  So Friday will be shopping time for me.
No dock carts here - top notch service
Looking forward to seeing a LOT of loopers over the next few days…you know who you are!! So our blog may be filled with pictures and a little less narrative – there’s just so much fun waiting!

Happy Friday, Happy Canada Day, and Happy Independence Day – that’s a lot of happy!!

God Bless!

In Canada - this is an EXIT sign (I thought restroom!)
Note to the Grands:  From the post title to pictures to words...this post has really been about memory Lane!!  😍

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