Monday, June 12, 2017

Yep - it's Monday!!

Sunset 6/10/17 Port Ewen, NY
After being at anchor for 2 days AND checking a LOT of stuff off the to-do list, we headed to a marina Monday morning.  Southern Cross is with us and fully agreed it was time for solid ground!
Since our return from Fort Worth on May 30 we have been full speed ahead or I was trying to recover from the “community air syndrome”.  Being anchored was a welcomed break from the go-go-go and allowed us to focus.  While at anchor The Lower Place was cleaned!  White-glove cleaned, fresh sheets, dirty clothes gathered & readied for the marathon wash exercise on Monday.

Big boats passed by
Most importantly, we pulled out the large tub of charts, books, maps & other educational items for our Canadian section of the Great Loop.  It was like Christmas!  We now have a defined plan, a big picture to reference and a whole lot of little stuff to streamline the finer details. YAY!!!  The mystery of “how do we get there?” and “what do we do when            ?  has been answered.  Of course, it’s all subject to change due to weather or other uncontrollable events.

Monday morning we headed to Rondout Marina for the day/night.  It was time to change the engine oil & filter in both engines and the generator.  That’s a full days’ chore especially when finding transportation to the parts house it the first step.  Luckily the owner offered his truck and soon Charlie was off to buy oil and extra filters.  While he started on that project, I loaded the laundry wagon & headed to “play quarters” with the washers and dryers.  Seven loads later, I was back on the boat…whew!  The glamorous life of a boater...the fun never ends!

Upstate New York is having a heat wave – according to the local weatherman.  Upper 90’s today & Tuesday but 80’s by Friday - yes, it’s HOT!  So the tough decision remains…do we go swimming or just relax on the boat?  Man, Monday’s are tough!!

Whatever you do on this Monday…smile about it-just because you can!!!

God Bless!

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