Saturday, July 29, 2017

Who needs cell service...?

Poor fella' - he climbed to the TOP for 2 bars of signal

I know it sounds like a rerun…but we are having so much fun in Canada!!  After 9 nights at anchor, we have docked the boat at the Port of Little Current, Ontario for the weekend.  We have really enjoyed anchoring while in Canada for a variety of reasons…solitude (even with other boats), close to nature, exciting hiking trails and the ability to really connect with other boaters.  Not having cell/internet service is simply an added bonus…normally we discover the lack of connectivity after the hook is set!
2 bars of signal! In.this.VERY.SPOT.only!!
We have hiked, toured and “someone” rode the rapids without a boat at the Baie Fine anchorage.  We hiked to Topaz Lake, picked blueberries and heard a rattlesnake!!  But so far no bear sighting-I’m still looking!!!

Blueberries were everywhere and so tasty...YUM!
We have been traveling with a host of other loopers for the past week or so; Overtime, Ivanhoe, Tranquillity III, Satori, Bad Habit, Kia Mia and Last Call at various and random times.  We have also cruised alone and found that just as enjoyable…it’s really true that this trip is “our Loop”.  We are so blessed to have such a broad sweep of friendships and the confidence to be independent in our travels.
Some of the terrain presented a challenge - LOVED IT!!
Little Current is a quaint town with a huge heart…so far I’ve seen the Laundromat, grocery store and The Anchor Inn – a delicious whitefish salad for dinner.  I hope Sunday will provide a little more sight-seeing and less domestic chores.  I haven’t seen a church steeple but I know Google with give me directions!!
"Maybe" I heard a "rattle" here - we scaled a different trail, just in case.
It’s hard to believe we’ve been in Canada for 4 weeks and I suppose at some point we will need to make our way toward Lake Michigan but for now we are just soaking up the beauty and hospitality of our friendly northern neighbors!!

God Bless!

Topaz Lake - worth every step of the hike!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

An afternoon with Evelyn

Point au Baril Lighthouse on Georgian Bay

After four nights on the hook at Stair Island in the Georgian Bay we pulled up anchor (bow & stern) on Tuesday the 25th and headed toward the Bustard Islands. WOW  WOW  WOW!!!  Naturally, there were multiple boats with the same float plan.  The Lower Place found an anchorage behind Green Island just big enough for us…and what a blessing!!

This is a normal sighting on the Georgian Bay
While setting the anchor (stressful due to the rocky terrain) I noticed a lady watching us from a dock-her cottage was camouflaged by the abundance of trees.  Once we were set and secured we dropped the dinghy so we could meet her.  Trying to be good transient neighbors and always respecting the privacy of the landowners, we offered to move the boat if it bothered her.  She declined our offer and in turn invited us to tour her island!

Roses from Evelyn - the bush has been in her family over 100 years!
What a blessing we had visiting with Evelyn!  This lady has quite the life story, a sharp mind and the gift of hospitality!  She has “summered” on Green Island for 53 years.  There is no running water or electricity but she does have solar power and a generator for those cloudy days.  She has a sauna by the water and a sleep cabin for her adult children.  The island holds a lifetime of memories both good and bad…like the time she had a bear in her kitchen!  Evelyn is in her 8th decade of life, she is happy, relaxed and enjoys her solitude but Tuesday she shared her slice of paradise with a couple from Mississippi.  I hope in some small way we dropped a little southern kindness on her.

Three Sisters Lighthouses-marking the entrance to Gun Barrel Channel
We are still anchored at Green Island - the negative weather is upon us; high winds, rain and 64!  Yep, we will be Evelyn's neighbor for one more day/night. Thursday is supposed to be a good travel day so we will wait.

Be an unexpected blessing to someone - you may never know the impact of your kindness!
God Bless!

Sunset from Green Island anchorage 7/25/17

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Big Chute-Lock #44 on the Trent Severn Waterway

Surprise!! TWO posts in ONE DAY?!?  The attached pictures are from 2 +/- weeks ago when we finished the Trent Severn Waterway.  Our friend Mike from Tranquillity III was so kind to document the transition from Lake Ontario to Lake Huron.  It has taken me this long download the images to a readable file for the blog…I know, it hurts my brain too!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures of what was the most exciting lock on the waterway!!

The Lower Place secured on the sling

Rising up, I wave to Mike who is taking pics on land

The Lower Place hangs off the back of the lift-no bent shafts or props.  Note our position to the tree top.

Headed down the other side to Lake Huron.  I'm just hanging out the window.
And it goes without saying that we "splashed down" safely and without incident.  Wonderful experience and very happy to have completed the Trent Severn Waterway.

Happy Monday to all!!
God Bless!

9 months and counting...

Fishing from the dinghy

We are still in CANADA and having such a wonderful time in the Georgian Bay.  While we haven’t traveled a lot of miles – we have so much to explore – we have dropped the anchor in some of the most gorgeous natural surroundings I’ve ever seen!!  Throughout this adventure we’ve been told that the Georgian Bay would be a highlight section…how true!

View from the back deck
For the past few days we’ve been anchored at Stairs Island just a dinghy ride away from Ojibway Resort.  It has been so nice to ride to shore, walk/hike/run the various trails, climb the massive rocks, pick a few blueberries & raspberries, visit with the guests at Ojibway then head back to The Lower Place.  We currently share the anchorage with Overtime and Ivanhoe. Our other buddy boats (Tranquillity III & Satori) headed to marinas during the weekend.  Another pack of Loopers are close behind (Moon Shadow, Sanctuary, Southern Cross) and if they travel today may catch or pass us.  The Georgian Bay is such a large area that it’s easy to not see another person/boat and find out the next cove is full of vessels! So nice!!!!

Hiking, climbing, berry picking - but no bear sighting...yet!
 The weather has been unpredictable at best but today we are staying set. Rain (forecast for Saturday) moved in last night and the temps dropped (currently 61°), it’s cloudy, drizzling rain and a little foggy – a good day for boat chores.

View from the bow - protected and safe
Sunday the 23rd marked 9 months since we left our home marina-it’s hard to believe how fast the time has ticked by and how much more we have to explore.  We are still on track for a 1 year completion but that may stretch to 13 months…especially if the autumn colors call us to make a few side trips (hint: Tennessee river).  I’m doing my best to keep the blog updated and if you’re reading this that means I found a sliver of internet connectivity!! YAY!!

We are safe and sound – still haven’t had a bear sighting – and enjoying EVERY DAY!!
God Bless!

Ed note: Pictures shown are from a few days earlier - nothing but gray here today!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Georgian Bay - Sun or Rain

Sunny days & lots of boats-wide open spaces

It’s been a few days since the conclusion of the Trent Severn and wisdom of “the best is yet to come” holds true!  The islands of granite and wide open waters are a welcomed relief from canal travels!

from left:Satori, The Lower Place, Tranquillity III-docked for lunch at Henry's
 We are currently anchored in Derbyshire anchorage…and I cannot tell you where it is on a map – but we are 5-6 miles north of Henry’s Fish House!  I’m sure that tells you everything you need to know! Ha Ha!

A little history about Henry's - the place is for sale!!
Internet and cellular reception is spotty at best but we are trying to travel less miles per day so we can enjoy the serene environment.  And maybe have a bear sighting…it’s possible!!

The approach to the anchorage-stay in the channel
Make the best of this week – if it’s too hot for you don’t worry in 5 months you’ll be right in the midst of Christmas gatherings…wearing a coat!

 God Bless!
Cloudy day on Sun - hiked to the top...

...with a little help on the crossing