Monday, July 24, 2017

9 months and counting...

Fishing from the dinghy

We are still in CANADA and having such a wonderful time in the Georgian Bay.  While we haven’t traveled a lot of miles – we have so much to explore – we have dropped the anchor in some of the most gorgeous natural surroundings I’ve ever seen!!  Throughout this adventure we’ve been told that the Georgian Bay would be a highlight section…how true!

View from the back deck
For the past few days we’ve been anchored at Stairs Island just a dinghy ride away from Ojibway Resort.  It has been so nice to ride to shore, walk/hike/run the various trails, climb the massive rocks, pick a few blueberries & raspberries, visit with the guests at Ojibway then head back to The Lower Place.  We currently share the anchorage with Overtime and Ivanhoe. Our other buddy boats (Tranquillity III & Satori) headed to marinas during the weekend.  Another pack of Loopers are close behind (Moon Shadow, Sanctuary, Southern Cross) and if they travel today may catch or pass us.  The Georgian Bay is such a large area that it’s easy to not see another person/boat and find out the next cove is full of vessels! So nice!!!!

Hiking, climbing, berry picking - but no bear sighting...yet!
 The weather has been unpredictable at best but today we are staying set. Rain (forecast for Saturday) moved in last night and the temps dropped (currently 61°), it’s cloudy, drizzling rain and a little foggy – a good day for boat chores.

View from the bow - protected and safe
Sunday the 23rd marked 9 months since we left our home marina-it’s hard to believe how fast the time has ticked by and how much more we have to explore.  We are still on track for a 1 year completion but that may stretch to 13 months…especially if the autumn colors call us to make a few side trips (hint: Tennessee river).  I’m doing my best to keep the blog updated and if you’re reading this that means I found a sliver of internet connectivity!! YAY!!

We are safe and sound – still haven’t had a bear sighting – and enjoying EVERY DAY!!
God Bless!

Ed note: Pictures shown are from a few days earlier - nothing but gray here today!

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