Wednesday, July 26, 2017

An afternoon with Evelyn

Point au Baril Lighthouse on Georgian Bay

After four nights on the hook at Stair Island in the Georgian Bay we pulled up anchor (bow & stern) on Tuesday the 25th and headed toward the Bustard Islands. WOW  WOW  WOW!!!  Naturally, there were multiple boats with the same float plan.  The Lower Place found an anchorage behind Green Island just big enough for us…and what a blessing!!

This is a normal sighting on the Georgian Bay
While setting the anchor (stressful due to the rocky terrain) I noticed a lady watching us from a dock-her cottage was camouflaged by the abundance of trees.  Once we were set and secured we dropped the dinghy so we could meet her.  Trying to be good transient neighbors and always respecting the privacy of the landowners, we offered to move the boat if it bothered her.  She declined our offer and in turn invited us to tour her island!

Roses from Evelyn - the bush has been in her family over 100 years!
What a blessing we had visiting with Evelyn!  This lady has quite the life story, a sharp mind and the gift of hospitality!  She has “summered” on Green Island for 53 years.  There is no running water or electricity but she does have solar power and a generator for those cloudy days.  She has a sauna by the water and a sleep cabin for her adult children.  The island holds a lifetime of memories both good and bad…like the time she had a bear in her kitchen!  Evelyn is in her 8th decade of life, she is happy, relaxed and enjoys her solitude but Tuesday she shared her slice of paradise with a couple from Mississippi.  I hope in some small way we dropped a little southern kindness on her.

Three Sisters Lighthouses-marking the entrance to Gun Barrel Channel
We are still anchored at Green Island - the negative weather is upon us; high winds, rain and 64!  Yep, we will be Evelyn's neighbor for one more day/night. Thursday is supposed to be a good travel day so we will wait.

Be an unexpected blessing to someone - you may never know the impact of your kindness!
God Bless!

Sunset from Green Island anchorage 7/25/17

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