Monday, July 17, 2017

Georgian Bay - Sun or Rain

Sunny days & lots of boats-wide open spaces

It’s been a few days since the conclusion of the Trent Severn and wisdom of “the best is yet to come” holds true!  The islands of granite and wide open waters are a welcomed relief from canal travels!

from left:Satori, The Lower Place, Tranquillity III-docked for lunch at Henry's
 We are currently anchored in Derbyshire anchorage…and I cannot tell you where it is on a map – but we are 5-6 miles north of Henry’s Fish House!  I’m sure that tells you everything you need to know! Ha Ha!

A little history about Henry's - the place is for sale!!
Internet and cellular reception is spotty at best but we are trying to travel less miles per day so we can enjoy the serene environment.  And maybe have a bear sighting…it’s possible!!

The approach to the anchorage-stay in the channel
Make the best of this week – if it’s too hot for you don’t worry in 5 months you’ll be right in the midst of Christmas gatherings…wearing a coat!

 God Bless!
Cloudy day on Sun - hiked to the top...

...with a little help on the crossing

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