Saturday, July 15, 2017

Hello Georgian Bay!!

The Lower Place in The Big Chute  7/13/17

After 240 miles, 44 locks and every spectrum of weather, we completed the Trent Severn Waterway…with no damage to The Lower Place or each other – SUCCESS!!!!  The Big Chute was THRILLING!!  This particular “lock” lifted us out of the water and transported us over land!  Effectively, moving us from Lake Ontario waters to the Georgian Bay waters via rails keeps the cross contaminates (algae, snakes, fish, and pollution) to a minimum.

An example of signage we've seen
While we did enjoy the Trent Severn Waterway hospitality, I have to admit planning our adventures through the Georgian Bay (think: northeastern suburb of Lake Huron) has been exciting.  We have been in Queen’s Cove Marina, Victorian Harbor for a couple days. Here, we have really provisioned for a week or longer on the hook.  Robin, the manager of the marina spent a couple hours with us (The Lower Place, Tranquillity III, Satori and Seaquest) reviewing our charts, making suggestions of where (and where not) to anchor…what a fantastic act of kindness!  She really knows these waters…they are remote, unpopulated, breath-taking and primitive. Knowing all this, we are prepared for fabulous sunrises and sunsets, cooler temps, spotty cell reception & no internet. But don’t worry – we will take pics and update the blog when we can!

The geography has certainly changed!
I hope your weekend is a GREAT one and you take the time to drink in all the beauty of God’s handiwork – even those hot, sticky, Mississippi summer days!!  Now, where’s my jacket? It’s 64°!!
God Bless!

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