Saturday, July 29, 2017

Who needs cell service...?

Poor fella' - he climbed to the TOP for 2 bars of signal

I know it sounds like a rerun…but we are having so much fun in Canada!!  After 9 nights at anchor, we have docked the boat at the Port of Little Current, Ontario for the weekend.  We have really enjoyed anchoring while in Canada for a variety of reasons…solitude (even with other boats), close to nature, exciting hiking trails and the ability to really connect with other boaters.  Not having cell/internet service is simply an added bonus…normally we discover the lack of connectivity after the hook is set!
2 bars of signal! In.this.VERY.SPOT.only!!
We have hiked, toured and “someone” rode the rapids without a boat at the Baie Fine anchorage.  We hiked to Topaz Lake, picked blueberries and heard a rattlesnake!!  But so far no bear sighting-I’m still looking!!!

Blueberries were everywhere and so tasty...YUM!
We have been traveling with a host of other loopers for the past week or so; Overtime, Ivanhoe, Tranquillity III, Satori, Bad Habit, Kia Mia and Last Call at various and random times.  We have also cruised alone and found that just as enjoyable…it’s really true that this trip is “our Loop”.  We are so blessed to have such a broad sweep of friendships and the confidence to be independent in our travels.
Some of the terrain presented a challenge - LOVED IT!!
Little Current is a quaint town with a huge heart…so far I’ve seen the Laundromat, grocery store and The Anchor Inn – a delicious whitefish salad for dinner.  I hope Sunday will provide a little more sight-seeing and less domestic chores.  I haven’t seen a church steeple but I know Google with give me directions!!
"Maybe" I heard a "rattle" here - we scaled a different trail, just in case.
It’s hard to believe we’ve been in Canada for 4 weeks and I suppose at some point we will need to make our way toward Lake Michigan but for now we are just soaking up the beauty and hospitality of our friendly northern neighbors!!

God Bless!

Topaz Lake - worth every step of the hike!

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