Monday, August 7, 2017

Back in the USA!!

Drummond Island MI Sunrise 8/7/17

It was with mixed emotions but we have returned to the states!  Canada was perhaps the nicest, cleanest and most natural (non-tourist) leg of our trip – absolutely breath-taking!!!  But we have much more to see in the USA…so here we are – in Mackinac Island MI.

We cleared customs via telephone once we entered US waters on Lake Huron and spent the night at Drummond Island.  We left early Tuesday morning and crossed the open water to arrive at Mackinac Island around 1:00.  We had the entire afternoon to explore and I took FULL advantage!!
note the white line "parking space"
 There are no vehicles on Mackinac Island so bicycles are the primary mode of transportation; well bikes and FEET!!  I headed out for the 8.2 mile perimeter tour (paved road) of the Island and could not believe the beauty of everything!!  Of course I shared the road with A LOT of folks on rented bikes – that’s always a fun way to test your response reflex! Ha ha!  All I can say is that when I finished the walk; I wanted to do more exploring!

Why go to "shark land"? This water is unsalted & shark free!
Charlie, Mike (Tranquillity III) and John (Gump Stump) just hung around the marina and Karen shopped the main street. When I shared bits of the adventure with them, we agreed that Wednesday will be spent on bikes, trails, paths, beaches….this is a MUST VISIT place!!  You don’t have to own a boat – the ferry runs several trips an hour from the mainland!

beautiful gardens are everywhere
It does feel good to be “home” and it really feels good to know we have so many more places to explore.  The weather feels like autumn (high today of 68°) with cool mornings & brisk winds so we will be “weather wise” and head south before the first frost!

Enjoy your day…it’s called “present” for a reason.

God Bless!
Drummond Island MI - sunset 8/6/17 - first night back in USA

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